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Top tips for getting a job this summer


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Looking for a summer job but not sure what's right for you? Perhaps this will help.

With schools and universities across the UK now out for summer, Gumtree, the UK’s number one classifieds site, reveals the UK’s top 10 dream summer jobs, with working on a wildlife conservation project (20%) and being a tropical island caretaker (17%) topping the list of most sought-after roles. The popularity of hit TV show Love Island has also led to the role as one of the reality show’s contestants making it into the dream top 10.


However, the most popular seasonal job seems to be as a retail assistant, with almost one-third of Brits (32%) having spent their summer working in a shop, followed by hospitality staff (25%) and work as a labourer (15%). Top reasons for working during the holidays are: to make money to put into savings (35%), to learn new skills (33%) and to get to know new people (28%).



Top 10 Dream Summer Jobs***

Top 10 Most Popular Summer Jobs***


Working on an animal conservation project

Retail assistant


Tropical island caretaker

Hospitality staff


Pet or house-sitter



Working on a safari

Administration assistant


Holiday rep

Dog walker


Festival worker



Theme park assistant

Telephone operator


Job at the Wimbledon Championships

Charity fundraiser


Ice-cream seller



Love Island contestant

Ice-cream seller


It seems summer jobs are definitely not to be sniffed at in terms of both personal and national income. On average, people earn £1,573.60 during each summer job – meaning a potential £47.8 billion is being made across the UK from seasonal opportunities.  That money potential is earmarked for a variety of things, from holidays (25%), buying clothes (23%) and going out (17%), right through to buying a car (10%).


In their quest to keep summer 2018 as busy as last year, Marcel Somerville and Lucy Watson have been showing how it’s done by posting job listings at Jobs From Gumtree. They’ve already experienced a variety of the jobs on offer, including delivering food for Deliveroo and lending people a helping hand with TaskRabbit. Video footage of their summer endeavours can be seen here.


Lucy and Marcel’s top tips for landing a great job are:

1. Get a PMA (Positive Mental Attitude)

Lucy says: “Thinking positive is really key when you’re looking for a job. You might have to apply for quite a few jobs before you find the one that’s perfect for you which can be tiring but stick with it and it’ll be worth it in the end!”

2. Make your CV stand out

Lucy says: “As well as being professional, most recruiters want to know a bit about your personality. They see so many CVs each day that adding a cover letter or a little ‘about me’ section could make all the difference.”

3. Have a social media spring clean

Marcel says: “Clear up your social media! You want to keep your private life private, especially during the job hunt.”

4. Prepare for the interview

Marcel says: “You’ll feel so much more comfortable if you know a bit about the company before you go to the interview. Have a cheeky Google and check out their Instagram so you can go armed knowing what they’re up to.”

5. Practice makes perfect

Lucy says: “Take a friend for coffee and ask them to play the role of interviewer, asking you the questions you think may come up at your next interview. You may feel a bit silly, but you’ll be so much more prepared for the real deal when it comes round to it – and that’s what friends are for, right?”

Gumtree spokesperson said: “We’re thrilled that Lucy and Marcel have chosen Gumtree to find a job to keep themselves busy this summer. While maybe not as exotic as tropical island caretaking, they’ve both got stuck into delivering food and building furniture – just a few of the thousands of different roles available on Jobs From Gumtree".


Gumtree is one of the top destinations for job-hunting as Jobs From Gumtree offers great search functionality and thousands of exciting and varied part and full-time opportunities. Previous jobs advertised on the site have included a chef to provide five-star dining to guests, boat party staff in Ibiza and a live-in carer with the potential to earn £2,500 a month.

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