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Five top tips on what to do when searching for a job


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So there you are, looking for a job, feeling anxious, drinking too much coffee in one go and filling in application after application. We've all been there or will be there soon, yet the experience remains a daunting one.

Have you heard the phrase ‘I am open to suggestions’ or ‘I am exploring possibilities’? Of course you have! People use it all the time when they are trying to survive the Hunger Games of finding suitable employment. Yet surrounding these phrases remain a sense of scepticism. You can assure your friends and family that you know what direction you want to go, but behind the words there can often be found an unspoken doubt. You might say you're open to possibilities, when you actually mean ‘I don’t know what I am doing with my life’. 

But do not fear! To the surprise of many, they will find this is far from the truth. You may not know what you want to do when you first start looking for a job, but that time between the applications is called ‘self-discovery’ and research. That’s right! You are about to find a land of possibilities which can help you reach the dream job for which you crave.

Here is how you can use your free time when searching for a job in order to make the experience more enjoyable. 

1. Research

Yes, that’s right, this is the perfect time for you to research. Research companies, find information about previous employees, research the jobs available at the moment and the demand for them. The information will be useful for you and you can practically see whether you should change your career path or stick to what you want to do. It is a harsh decision, I know, but sometimes we need to make that choice. Moreover, you might find something you want to do even more, or that suits your personality or skill set better.

2.Use social media wisely

Social media can be a real nightmare sometimes, but look at it as a useful tool you can use to find out about the particular company or organization for which you want to work. Very often companies post job vacancies on their Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn pages where you can gather a huge amount of information in a few minutes and you can practically decide whether you like the company or job enough. This doesn't mean you have to be picky, but it does allow you to quickly learn a lot about the company through their online presence and tone of voice. You would be surprised how much a company can say through something as simple as tone and wording, so pay attention!

3. Brush up your CV and resume

There is likely something else to add to it, so get on your laptop, open the Pandora’s box and start reading and making reasonable adjustments. When writing your CV keep it concise, as the people who will read your CV will also read hundreds of others. For example, don't write an essay about your customer service experience, but add something about how you are always happy to help and ready to assist the customers. In addition, address any particular requests made in the job advert in order to stand out and make it clear you are perfect for the job. Your CV should say that you’re truly exceptional and that you have a positive attitude to deal with whatever the job requires from you to do.

4. Develop new skills and keep learning

This is very important! It’s not only useful to learn a new skill, but you don’t know what kind of opportunities it can open for you in the future. While learning something new, you train yourself to be more innovative, creative and adaptive to change, which is something many of those hiring seek in a job candidate. Don’t be afraid to start learning something from scratch, whether it is a new language, a sport, dance, painting or whatever you want to do. No matter what, you are going to gain something out of it and at the very least acquire new skills.

For instance, I’ve started learning Graphic Design a month ago, and I regret only for not having done it earlier. So, go ahead, follow your passion and do something great!

5. Take care of yourself

That may sound strange and not the most expected advice to receive, but it is hundred percent true! You need to take care of your body and soul. Firstly because you now have the time for that, and secondly, it will have a positive effect on your performance.

Go to the nearest gym and finally do the training you wanted to have, or go to the park and get sweaty in your sweater! Why not do some yoga or meditation? Or perhaps engage in drawing, singing or going out with friends more often? These are only suggestions, but do something for yourself, feel the adrenaline in your body, the rush and the excitement of it and, last but not least, the surge of satisfaction of ‘pampering’ yourself a bit.

I promise you that it can lift your mood between the process of applications and interviews and it will make you more resilient and determined to keep going!

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