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7 things you’ll learn on the Unlocked Graduates prison officer scheme

25th January 2018
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What might you learn as a graduate prison officer, working on the frontline of the UK justice system – just a couple of months out of university?

The answer is, a lot.

Unlocked Graduates places recent grads within prisons, helping inmates with their day to day lives and creating a positive contribution to the justice system.

Described as a Teach First for prison officers, the programme has many of the same benefits – it teaches resilience, organisation and social awareness, amongst many other things. Unlocked Graduates get paid generously and can study for a masters at the same time, too.

If Unlocked Graduates sounds right for you make sure you get your application in by 5pm on Friday 26th January >>> APPLY HERE

Here are some of the things you’ll learn as a member of the Unlocked Graduates programme...

1. About the importance of job roles you’d never considered

“I knew I wanted to do something that was making a difference, and was helping people – but a prison officer was never actually something that crossed my mind.” – Jack, Unlocked Graduates 2017 cohort

“It’s about creating social change, about reducing reoffending – those are the two things that I feel quite strongly about.” – Reanne, Unlocked Graduates 2017 cohort

2. The value of what the criminal justice system can achieve

“Targeting offenders and trying to help some of those that are the most vulnerable in society – it’s definitely a worthwhile cause.” – Jack, Unlocked Graduates 2017 cohort

3. How individuals can be instrumental to social change

“Every aspect of it was focused on changing institutions and social system through individuals and people and the power that one person can have.” - Harriet, Unlocked Graduates 2017 cohort

“I decided not to go down the traditional law route of being a barrister or a solicitor, because I felt that I could make a real change in the prison system – and make a difference to people’s lives every single day.” - Scarlett, Unlocked Graduates 2017 cohort

4. How to build resilience

“We’re going to be dealing with really intense environments every day, and we’re going to learn to deal with the toughest situations – there’ll be so much more than turning keys like everyone think.” – Scarlett

5. How this kind of career can build you up for a successful future

“I’m really looking forward to being able to be a good leader, building a future for my career, and make a difference to crime and reoffending in the long-term.” – Josh, Unlocked Graduates 2017 cohort

6. To challenge yourself on a daily basis

“It took me out of my comfort zone, which I really enjoyed – and I thought, this really is the job I want to do. I’m going to be doing something every day that’s challenging me in new ways.” - Reanne

7. Transferable skills that can take you into any career you choose later on

“It opens up so many opportunities, you really are in a unique place. I’m just realising more and more how many opportunities I have. I can go into something corporate, which I thought I wanted to do, because Unlocked is associated with EY, PwC... I’m realising how much the prison officer role has offered me. I really wanted to pursue something in mediation... I’ve already learnt that you can do negotiation, career coaching... that’s exciting. You can do whatever (you want.)” – Summayyah, Unlocked Graduates 2017 cohort

Unlocked Graduates closes its 2018 application window THIS FRIDAY at 5pm.

Find out more about Unlocked Graduates and apply to the scheme here.

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