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New research reveals the best months in which to apply for a job


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Searching for a job can be tough, but recent research has discovered the best time of year for students to apply - and it turns out that January and February are the months that you should be sending applications to employers.

According to research from Purple CV, this is because employees are returning to the office after their Christmas break, including staff responsible for hiring, so jobseekers have a higher chance of their application being picked up.

However jobseekers need to be wary of ‘National Sickie Day’, which falls during the first week in February, where sick days are at their highest due to post-Christmas blues. Most jobseekers use this time to apply for jobs so it is advised to avoid this period.

Come March, most of the New Year’s vacancies have been filled; applications therefore need to have been sent before this period in order to increase the chances of getting hired.

For the tourism, hospitality and construction industries there is a peak in hiring in April and June, as this is their busiest period and employers will be gearing up for the summer rush. For other industries, there is also usually a recruitment rush to hire new employees before staff decide to take their summer holidays.

The months to avoid applying for a job are July and August. Summer positions have already been filled and the employees responsible for staffing are more likely to be sunning themselves in the Caribbean then picking up CVs. However, come September and October everyone is back in the office and the hiring process picks up again.

November and December are peak times for companies to hire seasonal staff to cope with the increased demand of the festive period. Competition also decreases during these months as many jobseekers postpone their job search to the new year and are more focused on preparing for the upcoming holidays.

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