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How the insurance industry helps the environment and local communities

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Although you might not expect it, communities are able to thrive with the help of insurance companies.

Many are able to launch campaigns with generous grants, which then go on to leave a positive impact on local areas or large scale projects. Local, national or global, the insurance industry is all for influencing all generations. Whether it is health and well-being, preservation or funds to launch projects, the insurance industry is helping more and more to communities to bloom.

Not only are the insurance companies themselves contributing through sums of cash, those working within the industry are increasingly together to show their support.

Employees of Lloyd’s of London, the global market in specialist insurance, happily help local communities across the globe through a range of programmes. In 2015, over 2,600 people working in the Lloyd’s market volunteered their time as part of Lloyd’s Community Programme.

Providing literacy support for primary school students, the volunteers were thrilled to contribute to community growth. They also provided employability skills training, a key session for career progression for all ages and backgrounds.

It’s not just local communities being impacted by the insurance industry's help - it's working on a larger scale too. Insurance companies are the first to help in getting disaster areas restored as efficiently as possible, and the industry also helps those affected personally.

Over the last three years, Lloyd’s Charities Trust has been supporting RedR, an international disaster relief charity. The goal of the partnership is to help recruit humanitarians to respond to any tragedy. During this time 1,780 aid workers have received full training from 160 organisations in 104 countries, in preparation to respond in an emergency - especially in urban areas. Lloyd’s insurance is definitely living up to their slogan ‘Empower Human Progress’.

The insurance industry as a whole holds corporate responsibilities in three sectors; environmental, social and ethical. It’s not all economical. Climate change has been a looming fear for the environment, as has the protection and conservation of our planet. Over the last short 30 years, research has shown that we have lost 40% of the ocean's corals. This has been a result of climate change, pollution and harsh fishing. Lloyd’s feels strongly about protecting the world’s coral reef, and is helping to assess the rate of decline to try and prevent it.

Although the insurance industry may be seen as one that protects our belongings if they are to break or covers our medical costs if we fall ill on holiday, it’s actually influencing the world we live in. Without us noticing, our local communities may have been shaped and changed as a result of the insurance companys' work and partnerships.

Interested in helping the environment and communities? Interested in working for the insurance industry? Check out Lloyd's of London's 2016/2017 graduate opportunities here.

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