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Psychometric testing can set your career off right

25th June 2015

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The graduate job search brings so much stress it’s no wonder students will often settle for any position.

An interesting sounding job description is enough for students to send in their CV and get on board. But the key to a successful career goes beyond a basic ability to carry out certain tasks.

It’s no secret that what makes or breaks your job experience can often be your co-workers. Companies are beginning to find ways to predetermine a candidate’s success within the organisation to avoid a less than perfect placement for both parties.

Psychometric tests can be completed before or during the interview process for employers to get a better understanding of how one might fit into the company culture.

Some companies and job seekers find the test daunting, either concerned with the time and money required or afraid the results may leave them unemployed.

But the process is careful to take into consideration both the employer and the employee. If the match isn’t a win for the organisation, it isn’t a win for the candidate either. These psychometric tests are used to measure personality and ability with a focus on gaining information rather than pass or fail.

The tests eliminate the learning curve that comes after a hire when both employee and employer are feeling out how their personalities work together.

The scientific approach to personality evaluation can also eliminate bias and unfairness by using well calculated results to help make the decisions rather than irrational first judgements or outside factors.  Companies are then able to quickly tell if a hire would be suitable beyond raw skill sets and a one sided interview impression.

Various kinds of psychometric test exist but many examine factors like learning style, motivators or tolerances, according to Genesis Associates.

They can also be used to evaluate how a candidate may fit in with a specific team, what their individual strengths can add to an existing team dynamic. This type highlights behavioural differences by looking at factors like dominance, inducement, compliance and submission.

If, on applying for a position, you are required to take a psychometric test don’t fear it or dismiss it. The evaluation is an easy and worthwhile process to determining your happiness and success within a company. It can prevent first time workers from sinking their claws into the first job available and help both parties from settling.

University is too draining (mentally and financially) to settle.

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