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Why the youth of today are making the world their office

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Deciding that a life of unpredictability is better than monotony, young people are starting to make use of modern technology to realise their dream of travelling the world and doing a job they love.

Dispirited and uninspired by the choices available to them beyond campus, young graduates are beginning to rebel in a way that doesn’t involve shouting, slamming doors or sneaking out of windows. They are simply rejecting a future of 9 to 5 in the office, and instead opting to go freelance: working when and where they want, so long as they have an internet connection.

Like the grand explorers of the past, maintaining an account of journeys into the far corners of the earth remains incredibly popular. No longer the mole skin diary and fountain pen, blogging on the web is today’s journal of choice. Website hosts such as 1&1 give bright young things the chance to create professional and attractive sites, without having to study coding.

Beyond being an accessory to your Twitter and Instagram accounts, a well-designed and structured blog can act as an extension to your CV, not only as an online portfolio, but also by displaying an affinity with the web and an entrepreneurial streak.

Finding great success with a blog isn’t as uncommon, as it might seem. This 25-year-old recently quit her decent albeit dull job to travel the world, funded by her engaging writing and beautiful photography. For those just beginning to blog the thought of attracting high-flying advertisers should be enough to keep you pushing through the long hours, creating content and striving for exposure.

Choosing a life of travel that pays may not be for everyone, however for those who are tempted, it has never been a more viable choice. Simply pick a domain name, grab a map, choose some places to explore and then document with an ardency and fervour that will get you noticed, and eventually, making money.

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