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Graduates: 5 things you'd wish you'd been told about full time work

22nd August 2014
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Welcome to the world of employment.

1)      Everyone else is winging it

You probably feel a little clueless and out of your depth, especially if it’s your first week. But in reality both your boss and your bosses boss most likely feel like this sometimes too. They’ve learnt to say the right words at the right time, but behind the disguise is a normal person just like you, so take note of instances when they might be winging it and learn from how they deal with difficult situations.

2)      Be ballsy

You’ve got your first job out of uni, massive pat on the back - now the hard work really starts. Doing what you’re told is obviously great, and will definitely get you some brownie points.If you really want to impress, show your boss you’ve got a go-getter kind of attitude. Don’t be afraid to present new ideas and offer something different than your co-workers.

3)      The ‘real world’ will hit you hard

Being a skint student is probably wearing a bit thin by now. The idea of actually having some money is obviously appealing while you’re sat in your rubbish ridden accommodation. Now you’re a full-timer say goodbye to personal time – no more American TV series or Xbox,or a swift afternoon pint in the SU – you’ll get used to it eventually. From the moment you start work, you’ll feel like you spend your life counting down the days until the weekend, but don’t worry, that will pass! Before you know it, you’ll find your routine and everything will be better.

4)      You need to be thick-skinned

Unfortunately, part of the learning process involves making mistakes. You’re going to make mistakes and you’ll be criticised for it. But that doesn’t matter because everyone makes them, and lucky for you, your level of responsibility means you probably won’t accidently transfer a million pounds over to the wrong person or mess up one of the company’s biggest clients. So when you feel under attack, don’t take it personally, just get your head down and crack on. One day you’ll be the one doing the shouting.

5)      You can’t be everything to everyone

You’re not Superman, although you’re going to get treated like it. When you first start your job, you’ll be expected to do absolutely everything to an incredibly high standard (even stuff you’ve never done before). Try and figure out which area meets your strengths and push to go in that direction.

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