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5 reasons why you should learn a foreign language

3rd October 2013
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In our modern and interconnected world, communication is a key part of staying up to date and to keeping up with what’s happening.

Communication is only possible if you are able to understand what you hear or read, so we’re going to go through five main reasons why you should make the move and learn a foreign language.

Before we move on to the reasons themselves, let’s just dig into a few different methods you could use to learn a foreign language:

-    Evening classes

-    Tandem language learning

-    At home learning methods (online/books)

-    Language studies abroad

Among the methods quoted, going abroad in full immersion will be, without any doubt, the fastest and most efficient way to make long-lasting progress.

Nowadays some specialized agencies provide tailor-made programmes to suit the needs and wants of everyone.

Leaving the organisation to a professional agency is stress-free and has many advantages such as having a contact in your home country speaking your language, benefitting from personalised advice and tips, having access a great network of schools worldwide and being sure to receive assistance before, during and after your time aboard.

Now that we have highlighted different ways to learn a language let’s move on to the reasons why you should consider it.

1)    Your CV / career

In the competition faced today to secure a good internship, to be promoted or to develop your career abroad, you need to stand out.

Being able to speak a foreign language is one of the easiest and fastest ways to differentiate yourself and to show an obvious competitive advantage over rivals.

2)    Your soft skills

Making the move to leave for the unknown in a different country pushes you outside of your comfort zone. You will, without even noticing it, develop many useful soft competencies. To name a few, you will show adaptability, flexibility, autonomy, sensitivity to different cultures and organisational skills.

In a few words, the experience will help you get to know yourself better and strengthen your personality. It’s not surprising that recruiters increasingly value experience aboard for the interpersonal qualities required, which are nowadays very much thought after.

3)    Your hard skills

On-site you’ll be able to give an extra dimension to your stay abroad so why not making the most of it?

Several choices can be made to value your experience such as:

-    Sit an official language exam

Those exams are internationally recognized and represent a tangible achievement attesting the level you achieved.

-    Undertake an internship or a volunteer placement

Ideal to put into practise the linguistic competencies acquired, this kind of experience is the right approach to gain international experience in a field you are interested in. A great way to add a valuable extra line to your CV.

-    Find a paid job

If the legislation of the country where you’ll stay allows it, you’ll be able to find a part-time job to earn spending money alongside your language course. Your school will be a great environment to get advice, support and guidance from local people and students having the same experience as you.

4)    Your network

Attending a language school aboard provides a highly international environment where you’ll meet people from all over the world.

It is always useful to have connections and people you know in several countries, whether you want to travel or for future business opportunities.

5)    Your travel experiences

Being able to communicate with locals or having people you know in the country you visit will bring your travel experience to another level.

Indeed you’ll benefit from a much deeper insight in the culture, the habits and customs, the food and so much more. You’ll be able to live the dream every visitor has, which is to be able to live your travel experience like a local.

Come on and take the next step, when you can speak another language, the world is yours!

Frederick Freeman, UK Regional Manager
ESL – Language Travel

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