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I Know My Husband Loves Me @ The Union Theatre


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I Know My Husband Loves Me is based on the true story of the undercover police relationships scandal in 2011.

Towards the end of 2010 and in 2011/2012 a number of undercover police officers entered into relationships with activists they were sent to spy on and some ended up marrying these people under their false identities. 

Image courtesy of Niall Phillips

This thought-provoking and interesting play tells the story of a couple going through this. It opens with undercover police officer Ali telling his wife and mother of their two year old child that he is undercover for the first time. His real name is Verne. 

What follows is an interesting look into the couple's relationship both as they first met and after the truth has been revealed.

There are twists and turns throughout meaning you are never quite sure what is going to happen next. Moreover, the writer Pete Talman leaves you with many unanswered questions as the play draws to a close. You are left wanting and needing more. 

The use of a very clever and unique stage design, including a raised stage the actors lift themselves onto for certain scenes, means you are drawn into the performance before you have even sat down. 

With well educated and compelling direction from director Niall Phillips, each actor allows themselves to truly get lost in the weighty story and their characters. The vulnerability is palpable.

Shane Noone as Alistair/Verne gave a striking performance of a man about to lose everything. His intensity and emotion on stage is incredibly powerful. You will be left unsure whether he is telling the truth or if he has been lying all along. His performance is remarkably realistic and a credit to the writing; which is a comment on whether relationships survive when the trust has been shattered.

Lead actress Lia Burge also gives an impressive performance as Trish. At times she falls flat but overall their is a vulnerability within her eyes that is clear to see on stage.

Joyce Omtola and Sianad Gregory make up the rest of the cast and both give exceptional performances.

Omtola's turn as Harriet is a breath of fresh air, every time she is on stage she steals the scene. Eyes are drawn to her natural and believable performance.

Gregory's performance as Blair is also perfectly crafted, leaving you guessing her true intentions. She plays a left wing activist with such passion and energy, she is truly a joy to watch on stage.

I Know My Husband Loves Me is truly a play that shouldn't be missed. An interesting and informative look into 2011's scandal that will leave you thinking about what you just saw for hours after leaving the theatre.

I Know My Husband Loves Me is on at The Union Theatre until the 22nd June.

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