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Theatre Review: Robin Hood @ Milton Keynes Theatre


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With all the bells and whistles expected in a town Pantomime and more; including 3D illusions, magic tricks, life size T-Rex and a dynamic acrobatic quartet. This pantomime caters for children aged 5 to 105, with Shane Ritchie starring as the lovable, comical and crazy Robin Hood.

Images courtesy of Milton Keynes theatre

Upon entering the auditorium, each audience member was handed a pair of 3D glasses; unexpected in the local pantomime. Then half way through we were told to put on our glasses and experience a magical, thrilling and truly frightening journey through the dangerous Sherwood forest. The 3D illusions were spectacular and definitely steps up this pantomime to an extraordinary performance of unexpected owls, goblins and snakes all through the lenses of some 3D glasses.

Shane Ritchie gives a stand out performance of the all singing, all dancing and all silly Robin Hood. Ritchie caters for the whole audience, by dropping in a few ‘adult’ jokes and some references to his time in Albert Square. This keeps the grown-ups just as entertained as the children, and really what makes this performance a must see this Christmas time. Peter Piper as Friar Tuck is truly wonderful as Robin Hood’s sidekick and comical partner; the duo’s energy bounces off each other and the chemistry is almost better than Robin and Maid Marion’s. 

Images courtesy of Milton Keynes theatre

One scene is filled with the marvellous Merry Men – played by acrobatic quartet The Acromanics, flinging themselves between pummel horse and trampolines, mixed in with some slapstick comical moments. The music of the show included two songs from 2018 bestseller The Greatest Showman and cult classic YMCA, along with many original songs too – they didn't fail to make the audience get on their feet, dance and sing, and all in all have a wonderful and festive evening. 

The show included many typical Pantomime tropes, including “It’s behind you”, “oh no you won’t”, and “booing” the performance’s main antagonist, The Sheriff of Nottingham, played by Pete Gallagher. The Sheriff was dark and evil, yet funny enough not to be too scary for little ones. 

All in all a wonderful, family-fun performance, jam packed with everything you expected and much, much more! I would definitely recommend giving this pantomime a visit, whatever age you are.

Robin Hood will be performed until 13th January, and tickets can be purchased here.

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