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Celebrate the spooky season with these Halloween reads


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With the spooky season nearly upon us, shops are bursting out the pumpkins, the cobwebs, the spiders and all other things Halloween.

Here at TNS, we decided to celebrate the advent of spooky season with some book recommendations, so that no matter your tastes, you'll have a good book to curl up with this Halloween.

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1. If you're into witches try: A Discovery of Witches-Deborah Harkness

Deborah Harkness' book has recently been made into a smash television series, so if you are in the witchy mood and want to catch up before watching the show, then A Discovery of Witches might be a good shout for this Halloween. It follows Diana, a scholar at Oxford's Bodleian Library, as she unwittingly brings the supernatural into the real world after reading a bewitched manuscript.

2. If you're fascinated by serial killers try: Stalking Jack The Ripper-Keri Maniscalo

Jack The Ripper tours have become somewhat of a staple in London, and the spooky season is the perfect time to delve into serial killer inspired stories. If you are a lover of that kind of story, Stalking Jack The Ripper, which follows an upper class woman who ends up embroiled in the investigation of the Ripper murders, might be perfect for you.

3. If you like straight up horror try: It-Stephen King

Stephen King is one of the best known names in the horror genre, so if you're wanting a horror classic this Halloween then you can't go far wrong with It. It's quite the commitment, being over 1000 pages long, but if you love creepy clowns then the effort is worth it.

4. If you're a fan of ghosts try: City of Ghosts-Victoria Schwab

If you're wanting something super quick and ghostly this Halloween, then Victoria Schwab's book about the adventures of a young girl who can see ghosts in haunted Edinburgh might be perfect for you.

5. If you like vampires try: The Coldest Girl In Cold Town-Holly Black

Granted, there are more famous vampire books that you could try, like Dracula or Interview With The Vampire or even Twilight, but if you're wanting to discover something a bit different this Halloween, then Holly Black's book about a girl trapped in a monstrous city filled with paranormal creatures - turned social media celebs - would be perfect for you.

6. If you want something a little more romantic try: The Phantom of The Opera-Gaston Leroux

Most people are probably at least a little familiar with the Andrew Lloyd Webber musical, but the Phantom of the Opera was originally a book. So if you're wanting something spooky, but with a vein of romance, then Christine and the Phantom's story would be perfect for you this Halloween.

7. If you're wanting something lighter: Coraline-Neil Gaiman

Coraline is a novella following the main character Coraline as she moves into a new house, discovers a door which she is told not to go through (so of course does) and discovers a dark 'other' world behind it.

8. If you want something with a little humour try: Skulduggery Pleasant-Derek Landy

The Skulduggery Pleasant series follows a magical skeleton detective, and features a myraid of different monsters and supernatural creatures. It gets a lot darker as the books go on, but the first book is very horror-lite and filled with humour, so if you prefer something a little more uplifting but still with a Halloween feel, this book is perfect for that. 

9. If you want something atmospheric try: Frozen Charlotte-Alex Bell

Alex Bell's creepy story about Victorian frozen Charlotte dolls haunting an old school house is perfect for if you're wanting a read with the spook factor (those dolls get seriously scary!) and also with a lot of atmosphere, as it takes place on the Scottish Isle of Skye. 

10. If you enjoy crime try: Dark Places-Gillian Flynn

If you're looking for something crime related to enjoy this Halloween, you can't go far wrong with Dark Places. The central plot point of the book is that Libby (the main character) is looking into the massacre of her family at their Kansas home - it is set in an eerie small town in Kansas and satanic rituals are heavily involved in later parts of the book, so definitely ideal for Halloween. 

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