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Comedy quartet, the Try Guys, go independent


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The internet group known as the Try Guys has officially gone solo.

The Buzzfeed-created quartet – made up of Ned Fulmer, Keith Habersberger, Zach Kornfeld, and Eugene Lee Yang – originated four years ago in 2014 with a video called ‘Guys Try On Ladies’ Underwear For The First Time’. Since then, the Try Guys brand has been established, with over 150 videos released on Buzzfeed’s YouTube channel, and has garnered a strong following of fans, referred to as tryceratops.

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According to a Buzzfeed company spokesperson, Yang left Buzzfeed in February, with the other thee leaving shortly after, in April. The four have created their own production company, independent of Buzzfeed – 2nd Try LLC. They haven’t completely broken off from Buzzfeed, however, as it will rep 2nd Try LLC on advertising and branded content sales.

Their new YouTube channel – which has already reached over 857,000 subscribers) will release a video every Wednesday and Saturday: much higher regularity than viewers are used to, especially with the last Buzzfeed Try Guys video released on 10th February 2018, presumably shortly before Yang’s departure. Saturdays will offer an official Try Guys video a la their existing brand, and Wednesdays will offer either a TryVlog or one of their new ideas.

Their first series of videos as their own producers is an exploration of parenthood, inspired by Fulmer’s new child with his wife, Ariel. The quartet have big plans for the new channel including digital shows, live tours and feature films.

With the new channel, they hope to be more involved with and connected to their viewers. They have invited support by selling Patreon subscriptions and have already reached over 1600 contributors. Subscription options range from Ruby Tryceratops at $3 a month, to Diamond Tryceratops at $500 or more a month.

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