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Theatre Review: Becoming Shades @ The Vaults


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Underneath Waterloo station the Greek Underworld Hades has come to life. As part of The Vault Festival, Chivaree Circus is telling the story of Persephone, who was abducted into the dark Underworld by Hades, its king of the same name. 

Told in an immersive format in which the audience is given black medical masks and ushered around the room by three cheeky Furies, we follow Persephone on her journey. Being moved around the space in this way gives the whole performance much more oomph and excitement. You will never know where the next amazing trick is going to come from.

An all-female cast, the show is all about female empowerment and watching the strength of those women is awe-inspiring. The aerial silk work is nothing short of amazing. As is their fire-breathing skills.

The three furies, Jessica Pearce, Rosie Bartley and Isobel Midnight keep the audience entertained throughout the performance. They keep the show moving and engaging and are incredibly talented.

Moreover, Rebecca Rennisons Persephone is show-stealing. Her elegance while performing is jaw-dropping, every move she makes is obviously done with precision and effort and yet gives the impression of flawless ease.

The performance is intimate and epic in equal measure, each moment lasting the perfect amount of time before the audience is moved on to the next. Yet, while the talent of the cast is undeniable at times the story is lost. It's easy to imagine that if you are not already familiar with the Greek tale the show will at times confuse you.

Special mention must be given to the vocals of the night, from Becks Johnston. The live music is a delicious added element that contributes to the overall eerie factor of the night. 

A circus unlike any other, this is one show that is not to be missed.

Becoming Shades is on at The Vaults until 18 March. Click here for more information and tickets. 

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