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Meet the new feminist Little Miss character


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The 'Little Miss' series has announced a new, feminist character: Little Miss Inventor.

The Little Miss series by Roger Hargreaves is wildly popular, having run for 45 years and counting. There are over 90 other characters, including Miss Bossy and Little Miss Somersault. This new book will cleverly be released on March 8, 2018, meaning it will coneside with International Woman’s Day and British Science Week.

Although we would have liked to see this done quite some time sooner, this is an important step in the right direction, especially considering how big this franchise is and how many young girls it influences. In STEM careers, females are significantly underrepresented, which results in women having harder times in these fields and not pursuing these careers, just because they are considered a more male job. It has been noted by Microsoft that even when girls start showing an interest in a STEM field at around age 11, by age 16 their interest has significantly diminished.

Little Miss Inventor is a wonderful addition to the variety of characters, and hopefully more diverse characters continue to come from these books, giving young girls role models to look up to. It is important to have these role models, because even though many strong female protagonist are coming out in the media, there are still frequent gender stereotypes.

These stereotypes not only hurt young girls, but young boys just as much. A study from the Journal of Adolescent Health showed that gender norms that appear in childhood have negative impacts that carry into adulthood. Some of the repercussions of gender norms in girls include depression, leaving school early, and exposure to violence. 

This reiterates the importance of having more female role models, such as Little Miss Inventor.

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