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6 gifts that your book loving friend will love


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We are fully in the midst of the holiday season, and everyone is looking for the perfect gift to give to their significant other/ friend/ family member. For those who love books, it might be a no brainer to get them more books, but if you want to be a little more creative and give something they really won’t be expecting, consider one of the following ideas, such as Harry Potter’s patronus inspired leggings, or fandom based teas.

  1. Funko Pops

Funko Pops can be found on many book lovers shelves, and for the few who don’t have Funko Pops, they will love this gift. Funko Pops are the perfect gift to enhance anybody’s bookshelf, and add a more personal touch. Some of the more popular figures include the Harry Potter cast, characters from Cassandra Clare's books, Narnia, and many other beloved book series.

  1. Mugs, Tea, Coffee, Chocolate, Etc.

Most book lovers are quite fond of eating and drink whilst reading their book. This being said, many bookworms would appreciate a mug to have tea or coffee in, as well as some chocolate or other preferred snack they enjoy. There are even many different types of bookish based coffees and teas, and mugs.

  1. Bookish prints

Bookish prints are a perfect way to decorate a space, and allow you to reminisce about your favorite series. Whether it is classics, contemporary, fantasy, or just about any other genre, you can find a bookish print on it. Great places to find affordable and good quality prints would be websites such as Redbubble and Etsy shops.

  1. Bookish totes

Book-based totes are perfect for any reader, whether they haul library books, or buy their own. Plus, these totes are bound to make a statement when carrying. Popular totes include the library card tote and totes with book quotes and sayings, found on many an Etsy shop.

  1. Bookmarks and book sleeves

Bookmarks are essential for any reader and allows for you to get pretty creative. Book sleeves are perfect for the reader who is always on the go and needs to make sure their books stay in pristine condition. Both of these can also be a statement piece when getting them out public.

  1. Literary Candles

Literary candles have become increasingly popular in the book world. These candles are perfect to burn when getting cozy and snuggling up with a book.  There are a ton of scents, inspired by Harry Potter, Jane Austen, or even Sarah J. Maas books. These scents and many others can be found on Etsy or other congregate stores.


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