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Theatre Review: Lucy Light @ TheatreN16


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This short play from female playwright Sarah Milton is an exploration of illness and death. It doesn't shy away from depicting pain, nor does it rush through happier moments. Instead, it offers an honest look into the lives of two best friends and how they are dealing with life.

[Image Credit: Hannah Ellis]

As the audience is taken through time by the likes of Atomic Kitten, Katy Perry, and Lorde, we learn more about Lucy's fight with an incredibly hard decision, alongside best friend Jess' unwavering support and comedic empathy.

This two-hander explores friendship, death, and illness in an incredibly moving way while still retaining a sense of realness, with a light-hearted energy down to the core. There is tenderness throughout the production and it never fails to keep you invested in the characters. 

Scott Ellis offers beautiful direction, allowing for the play to slow down and breathe when needed - the contrast between tender and funny moments never feels forced. Moreover, the short length of the play, at just under an hour, is perfect. It lets the story take its time and remains engaging throughout. 

The connection between the two actresses is obvious from the start. From the very believable and incredibly relatable hilarious drunken antics to the gripping agony of how to come to terms with difficult decisions, the close friendship always feels natural.

Georgia May Hughes is brilliant as the headstrong, funny, and outgoing best friend, delivering her one-liners perfectly, cheering both Lucy and the audience up when things get more emotional. Whereas Bebe Sanders' Lucy is slightly less loud, she is still the perfect match for Jess. Sanders delivers an excellent, understated, and quietly emotional performance. 

All in all, Lucy Light is an absorbing, truthful, and poignant hour of theatre. Sarah Milton's writing is raw and incredibly important. 

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