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7 reasons why you should be reading more


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The number of people who regularly pick up a physical copy of a book is on the decline. In fact, research has shown that over four million adults in the UK do not read for pleasure.

Although the introduction of kindles and e-books has offered some light at the end of the tunnel, there's no doubt that a lot of people simply do not read enough for one reason or another. Here are seven reasons why YOU should be reading more books.

1. The first one is pretty obvious- reading widens your vocabulary and improves your general verbal ability

When you read, your mind is taking in every word and absorbing it, meaning you will pick up new words and phrasing subconsciously. Without knowing, you'll end up stunning the people around you when you come out with big, fancy words.

All jokes aside, having good verbal ability is very important. All in all, you'll have more vocab in your personal dictionary.

2. Believe it or not, reading contributes to a better memory!

Yes, that's right... regularly diving into a novel can help improve your memory and learning skills. I mean C'mon...who doesn't want a better memory for cramming all that night-before revision in? How it works is simple - when you read, you take breaks and are forced to remember which point in the plot you were up to, hence over time your memory skills improve. 

3. Reading improves your concentration span

Again, this point is also self-explanatory. When you read, it takes time, patience and concentration so it's not surprising that daily doses of reading improves your capability to concentrate for longer periods of time. This is extremely helpful, especially in school/college/university as it enables you to study and revise better.

4. Reading improves your imagination

This one is a given. Being transported into fictional lands is bound to have a positive impact on your imagination. Plain and simple. 

5. Another key one: reading helps you to relax and de-stress

In modern day society, most people are stressed out in some way. Whether it be due to financial reasons, school, exams, work... the list is endless.

Reading offers an escapism, an outlet for relaxation and something to focus the mind on- away from all the worries of daily life, readily helping to improve your mental state. By no means is reading a miracle cure for all your worries, but it is known to at least help in terms of relaxation.

6. Reading enhances your ability to analyse situations

When delving into a story, you are constantly analysing characters, plot and trying to solve puzzles within the book (I do this mostly when reading crime novels, you know..."who did it?" and all that jazz). This all basically stimulates the brain and improves the integral thinking skills. 

7. Last but not least... reading is FUN

Reading is extremely fun and enjoyable. It's a great hobby to take up and has an equally as good entertainment value as your favourite Netflix show. So, go on...pick up a book!

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