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Edinburgh Fringe Review: My Dad Wrote a Porno


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What would you do if you discovered your own father had written a series of erotic novels?

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Curl up in a ball and die, right?

Not Jamie Morton, the writer and director who made the decision to face the nation with friends James Cooper and Radio 1 DJ Alice Levine reading aloud his dad’s smut, also known as Belinda Blinked to the masses, in this podcast with a twist. The novels follow the life of a sales director Belinda Blumenthal as she navigates her way through the business world in the most unconventional way possible. The clumsy punctuation and embarrassing sexual prose make for hilarious listening every week; you are sure to become an addict.

Since that first awkward day, the podcast has had over 70 million downloads and the trio has now begun travelling all over the world, from Edinburgh to New Zealand to read these fantastically cringy novels live. 

The three friends came together recently at the Edinburgh Fringe, with some chardonnay and a never-before-heard chapter of Belinda Blinked in tow. They were met with immense applause echoing through the Gilded Balloon Debating Hall, proving how far these pals have come in the past couple of years. 

The chapter involves protagonist Belinda organising a team-building trip to Cornwall for her Regional Sales Managers with the help of welsh training guru Natasha Biles - who, as per the trio’s request - is voiced by a willing member of the audience. The team take part in an exercise that involves throwing some dice and achieving the highest score - a game that famously requires no skill - but this didn’t stop Jamie’s dad, also known as Rocky Flintstone, going into incredibly unnecessary detail. 

Luckily for those who had came for the smut and smut alone, the game quickly progressed into a full-fledged orgy. Once again, audience participation was required - two unsuspecting guests came on stage and were asked to reenact a particularly sultry scene featuring Belinda and Natasha as Jamie read. For those who have listened religiously, seeing the words come to life felt like a pivotal moment and only made the storyline more hilarious, if that’s possible.

Blunderous writing style aside, the friendly dynamic between Jamie, James, and Alice is what really makes the show great, making you feel as if you’re up there with them laughing along. The cheeky digs at one another and the witty remarks, as they pick away at the many flaws of Rocky’s writing, create an excellent atmosphere and only make the audience want more.

As the team head to New Zealand, they have come a long way from sitting in each other's kitchens giggling away at Rocky’s expense. The podcast is now on it’s third season and with many more books coming from the amazing Rocky Flintstone, we hope that these three are around for a long time.

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