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Seven of the best book bloggers to follow


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If you’re constantly looking for new books to read, keeping up with book blogs might be a good way to fulfil your reading needs.

There are so many amazing book bloggers out there, all eager to share their thoughts about books they loved (or maybe didn’t love so much). With so many book blogs to choose from, you can definitely find something to fit your taste, as many of these blogs have themes or genres that they stick to.

Here are a few book bloggers who are worth checking out:

Keeper of Pages

This page is run by Janel Hayley, who describes herself as “crime fiction obsessed.” Her reviews focus on crime, mystery and thriller books. Along with her established reviewing posts, she also posts “Bookish Ramblings,” which are short news or topic pieces related to books. Hayley has thousands of followers on both her Twitter and (very aesthetically pleasing) Instagram pages, which she updates regularly. Her blog can be found here

A Little Life [of pain] by Hanya Yanagihara - 2 - I started off really liking this one but as the story progressed, I liked this book less and less and here's why: #unpopularopinion 1- Gosh, it was so depressing, just depressive episode after depressive episode with no hope along the way, not a shred of light in sight! 2- I was so intrigued by the character of Jude but as time went on, I just thought urgh could one character be any more tragic! 3- The friends were the most selfish, selfish-centred I've possibly ever come across in fiction, particularly JB! 4- I struggled with the age of the characters, I kept thinking they were in their early 20's, then I'd read so and so turned 39 and I was like  this isn't a story of youth. I maybe being unfair but the friends nature seems something I'd associate more with younger men trying to find their way in life, I'd hope that by their 40s, they'd be worldly enough not to be so self-absorbed. ... I did like the melancholy tone but A Little Life was just too depressing for my blood. Link in bio to my review where I elaborate on the points above.

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BeadyJans books

If you’re looking to read more books by female authors, this blog is perfect for you. Jan Lambert blogs only about novels that are written by women, covering a range of genres, including mysteries and historical fiction. By sharing her thoughts on a book, she hopes to help readers find a new author or book they love. You can follow her blog here or visit her Twitter

Harry’s Book Club

Harry Mumford’s review site leans toward a focus on crime fiction, as well as memoirs that deal with mental health, grief or addiction. Historical and literary fiction are also touched upon in the reviews. Harry’s Twitter is regularly updated and all reviews can be found on the blog’s website here.

Katie’s Book Blog

Katie Butler’s blog, created in January of 2009, focuses entirely on Young Adult novels (or any books that would appeal to young adult readers). All genres within YA are covered on the blog. Along with her rated reviews, she also posts interviews with both authors and other bloggers. Katie has over 8,000 followers on Twitter and over 6,000 on Instagram. Her blog can be found here

I spent way too long trying to write a review for this book. I still feel like I didn't manage to convey how much I loved it. That being said though, you can find my review over on the blog by following the link in my bio! • QOTD: do you ever just stop reading to look at the cover models on books? I think the cover models for Dimple and Rishi are perfect but I usually don't think that. Romance novels are the absolute worst at having cover models that match the character description. • #bookstagram #bookstagrammer #bookblogger #bookworm #booknerd #bibliophile #totalbooknerd #reading #reader #yalit #bookishmerch #bookbeau #bookstagramfeature #instablogger #igreads #whendimplemetrishi #markedbymary #booklover #booknerdigans

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Avalinah’s Books

Avalinah’s page is described as “Book Blog & Book Love.” Her reviews focus on science fiction and fantasy but branch out into some other genres as well. She also posts discussions on topics related to books, such as the question of whether or not spoilers are acceptable in reviews, as well as interviews with authors. You can follow Avalinah on Twitter and check out her blog here


This blog, headed by Laura Turner, focuses only on positive reviews and covers many different genres, making for a great book recommendation page for those for many different tastes. Laura states on her website that she aims to focus on “as many different genres as possible” resulting in “an amazing scope of authors.” Additionally, the site offers a proofreading service for any writers looking for some editing help with their work. Laura can be found on Twitter, where she has over 3,000 followers, and her blog can be found here

Subway Book Review

After moving to New York in 2013, Uli Beutter Cohen noticed a lot of people reading printed books on the subway. She came up with the idea to interview these people about the books they were reading to create book recommendations for the various titles.

Her website states: “Some reviews and stories are personal, some entertaining or funny, some sombre. Most of all they are relatable. These stories let us know that we are much less alone and much more connected than we think.” You can follow the blog on Twitter and Instagram, complete with pictures of each person interviewed with their recommended book. The blog can be found here.

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