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This poet is writing one million lovely letters to strangers


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Jodi Ann Bickley has started a project called One Million Lovely Letters, with the initiative of sending out one million letters to strangers.

Bickley is a poet who has struggled with health issues in the past, having developed encephalitis after being bitten by a tick, which resulted in a stroke that paralysed one side of her body.

After she began to recover, she decided that she would work toward helping others going through a hard time in life. This goal eventually led to One Million Lovely Letters.

She states on her website: “In the UK alone there are 62,641,000 people, in the whole wide world there are 7,038,044,500. The average person has 3 close friends and 19 'mates' so take that off and you are still left with seven billion thirty-eight million forty-four thousand four hundred and seventy eight strangers. And all of those strangers have at least one day where they could use a little lift.”

had some time to write a few letters today at the exhibition!

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She continues: “To every other person on the planet – I’m going to write you a letter. A letter just to make the day a bit better or to remind you of the bloody amazing stuff about you that you’ve forgotten because we all forget once in a while.”

If you would like to receive a letter from Bickley or her team, you can email She asks that you provide the reason you need a little lift and you will receive a personalised, handwritten letter.

So far, Bickley has written over 3,000 handwritten letters.

The project was started in February of 2013 with just Bickley. She now has a team of ten writers contributing to the cause. 

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