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Period stigma flattened by powerful Facebook post from a transgender artist


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Not feeling comfortable in your assigned gender at birth is hard enough, especially if there is added treatment, surgeries and hormones; but throw in the 'time of the month' and it puts a whole new twist into how a trans person feels about themselves.

Cass Clemmer, an artist who runs 'Toni the Tampon' account, a comedic take on the affirming menstruators out there, takes a break from the humour and posts a personal poem with an equally as moving photograph to explain what it feels like to be trans and have a period.

Not many people would consider how a person like Clemmer deals with the pressure of society. Being transgender and experiencing a period, he says: "Every time I get my period, I deal with severe gender dysphoria," this results in Cass using women's restrooms and is warping his identity and making him feel insecure and uncomfortable in his own skin.

Clemmer decided to open up about their personal story, with the hope to question and challenge the idea that it's only women who menstruate and hopefully get people talking about the need to grant trans people access to safe bathrooms to deal with situations such as periods.

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