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Theatre Review: Wet Bread @ The King's Head Theatre


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As part of Festival 47 at the King’s Head Theatre, Sheer Drop Theatre Company bring us Wet Bread.

Sheer Drop are London-based; they have been developing and producing new work since 2010. They seek to work with writers who are in the early stages of their career. Their past three productions have been a playwright’s first work.

This latest play, written by Tom Glover, follows Adele over one year of her life as she attempts to change the world through protest, ethics and morals.

Morag Sims as Adele

Her story begins during the 2015 general election as she goes door to door campaigning for Ed Miliband and the Labour Party.

From here she endeavours to end fracking, help the homeless, save the welfare state, campaign for staying in the EU and save her neighbour from domestic violence.

The satirical comedy about a left-wing activist in a right-wing world stars Morag Sims as she multi-roles between Adele and all the people she meets throughout her years of protest.

Sims’ characterisation is specific and subtle throughout. Her swift shifts through physicality and voice are engaging, believable and hilarious.

We see her play best friend Polly, a very zealous fun run leader, love interest Simon and homeless alcoholic Roger - every character is encapsulating and wholly identifiable without any of them feeling unrealistic or forced.

The play shows the good and bad of left-wing politics without ever saying what is right or what is wrong. It sensitively looks at the politically driven world we live in, the issues in democracy and the way in which we strive for change. It achieves all this whilst holding the audience in fits of laughter. It offers hope, humour and honesty.

It's brilliantly written. Each character has its own voice despite being written as a one-woman show. It reaches the masses no matter what your political views and is an excellent example of modern political fringe theatre.

Tickets are available priced £12 from or 0207 226 8561.

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