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16 actors tell us the strangest things they’ve been asked to do in auditions


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Be it a drama school, university, film or theatre, audition actors can be as prepared as they like - but the panel are always ready to throw a curve ball.

We spoke to actors, both those in training and in the industry, to find out the strangest things they’ve been asked to do.

“One time I auditioned for a vampire film and they asked me to do a full on transformation. I crawled about on the table. So embarrassing...” – Tristan Pegg

“Be pink mist…” – Ellie Henderson

“Try being LSD.” – Kieran M Jenkins

“They asked me to deliver the lines in Chinese, and I said I don't know Chinese and they said make us believe that you do.” - Nicosor L. Ippoliti

“To do Henry V 'Once more unto the breach' speech as a porn video” - Sam Denia

“I was told to "be a transvestite lettuce" and "be a fried egg at the opera"… two of my favourites!” - Georgia Hodgson

“Sing my monologue opera style whilst driving an imaginary tractor” - Vic Priddice

“’Do that monologue again... but be a cockerel. Don't try to assume the animal's mannerisms and start clucking or anything like that, just keep the mind-set of a cockerel. Whatever that might be.’" - Lee Urquhart

“To do my Brian Friel speech as my favourite comedian.. I proceeded to skip on like Michael McIntyre” – Luke Coughlan

“Do it as tinfoil” - Max Jukes

“I had to dance my monologue” – Elizabeth Louise Bell

“Make out with one guy... swap actors and make out with the other guy... literally just that.” - Hannah Wood

“Be two astronauts on the moon through the duologue and one of you has a crush on the other while one of you finds them repulsive” – Frankie Dell

“Create the journey of a bushfire, AS A BUSHFIRE” - Ollie Lintott

“Paint my name on a wall with an imaginary paint brush up my arse not forgetting to dip the brush in the pot- Mary-Ann McPeake

“Be a confused ham sandwich” - Devarnie Lothian

So no matter how prepped you might be, expect the unexpected and the downright ridiculous.

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