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A bizarre new Kate Moss statue has been made and it’s very freaky


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A hyperrealistic, nude sculpture of Kate Moss has been created by artist Edgar Askelovic.

Askelovic became famed for his sculptures of Andy Warhol as an 83-year-old man, Queen Elizabeth as a busker, Amy Winehouse in a flower-festooned tomb and David Bowie as half man half dog.

The latest sculpture is entitled MILF and has been unveiled at London’s Opera Gallery, where it will go on sale for £25,000.

The eerily realistic sculpture took four months to create. It weighs 80kg and it has been created from top quality platinum silicone, with eyes made from UV-resistant Polyurethane Resin.

“All of my artworks are made by myself,” says Askelovic. “Sculpting, mould-making, casting, colouring, sanding, polishing and crate making.

“Many artists and hyper realistic sculptors use factories to produce their art, with some of them using already existing body parts such as eyes and teeth.”

The director of the Opera Gallery, Jean-David Malat, was impressed with Askelovic's previous work, most notably the controversial Diamond Dog-inspired sculpture of David Bowie.

He asked the artist to create a piece depicting Kate Moss as a goddess of the fashion industry - a combination of Venus, icon and mannequin. He said, “At 29, he is a young artist and this sculpture has been created through photographs alone, which is amazing.”

Askelovic gave an insight into the craft behind it, adding: “All of my artworks are made by myself, from A to Z. Sculpting, mould-making, casting, colouring, sanding, polishing and crate making."

For more information visit the Opera Gallery website:

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