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New exhibition will explore international diplomacy as an alien conspiracy


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Opening on 13 July, Gasworks’ upcoming exhibition ‘The Craft’ will be artistically considering international diplomacy as an alien conspiracy.

Monira Al Qadiri, The Craft research image, 2017. Courtesy of the artist.

Co-commissioned by Gasworks and the Sursock Museum, Beirut.

It will be the first UK solo exhibition by Amsterdam-based artist Monira Al Qadiri. Relating to sci-fi fantasies imagined by the artist during her childhood in Kuwait, the exhibition will show semi-autobiographical sculptures, videos and sound works.

In the exhibition, the artist will explore the rise of nationalism and political populism in current society, presenting diplomacy as an alien concept in comparison. The exhibition will be split into two different environments: an American diner and a 1980s-style living room.

Across the two environments, recognisable aspects of modern life will be questioned and broken down; notions of pop culture, geopolitics and diplomacy are some of the many features of current society that will be considered, challenged and presented as distrustful.

At the centre of the exhibition, a VHS video ‘The Craft’ will depict the destruction of reality amongst growing feelings of speculation and paranoia. ‘The Craft’ shows familiar modern life becoming overshadowed by distrust; the speculation reaches its climax as the video’s protagonist learns that the ‘American Century’ is over.

From a first-person perspective, the video asks, ‘Were my parents conspiring with aliens behind my back?’

Promising such a complex and thought-provoking presentation of diplomacy and modern geopolitics, 'The Craft' is not to be missed.

‘The Craft’ will be open at Gasworks, London from 13 July - 10 September 2017 and is free admission. For more information, visit Gasworks’ website here.

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