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Theatre Review: In Other Words @ The Hope Theatre


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Presented by Off The Middle, Matthew Seager's debut play In Other Words is an honest, emotional and touching look at how a couple deal with Alzheimer’s disease.

Starring himself and Celeste Dodwell, the play follows Arthur and Jane over 50 years, showing the beginning of their relationship to Arthur's slow mental decline.

The moving love story, explores the power of music and how it can help us remember the past and connect to one another.

In just 70 minutes the production makes you laugh, cry and everything in between. It's true and funny but also absolutely heart wrenching.

Seager plays Arthur. His physical transformation throughout the production was brilliant; he smoothly took us through 50 years of the characters’ life. His performance was incredibly strong and he had perfect chemistry with his fellow actor.

Joining him is Celeste Dodwell as Jane. An astonishing and heart-breaking performance, the emotional turmoil she presents to the audience is brilliant. Every word was felt and it was wonderful that they explored the spouses' pain without it becoming secondary to Arthur's pain.

The delivery of Seager’s great writing is a joy. The audience fall in love with Arthur and Jane and you really feel like you are on this journey with them.

The balance between direct audience address and naturalistic action made the play perfect for The Hope's intimate space. The audience witnessed something so emotive only a few feet away. It created an intense atmosphere and all were engrossed in the action.

It can sometimes be hard to explore such a serious and emotional subject matter without the writing becoming dull and, for want of a better word, depressing. Seager’s play faultlessly finds the balance between the hell of the illness and the joy of love.

An inspired and gorgeous new play.

In Other Words is currently playing at The Hope Theatre. You can find out more here.

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