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Two women have made a mural out of the most disgusting misogynistic quotes from US politicians


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A lot of people are fed up and angry at the gross ignorance and misogyny displayed by powerful US politicians. 

Sick of these comments, artists Zoe Buckman and Natalie Frank decided to gather 37 misogynistic quotes from US elected leaders and put them on a a mural in New York for all to see.

The 32ft by 10ft mural, which launched earlier this month, is entitled We Hold These Truths to be Self-Evident.

It is open to the public at Ford Foundation Live Gallery at New York Live Arts, and can be seen from the pavement. 

The two artists launched a kickstarter page to raise over $8,000 for the project, on which you can see a video of them reading out some of the quotes. 

"We wanted to find a way to make a statement that's not just arresting but also hopefully quite exciting and aesthetic because beauty and art is our currency," Buckman said.

The politicians quoted include Donald Trump, Mike Pence, Bill Clinton, Jeb Bush and Ted Kennedy.

"Trump was a tipping point," said Frank.

"This election was really an assault on so many types of people and for me, as a woman, it was especially horrendous to hear him say those things."

The mural features the famous Trump quote claiming that he could 'grab women by the pussy'.

Other comments include a tweet which read: "If Hillary Clinton can't satisfy her husband, what makes her think she can satisfy America?"

The quotes are displayed on a background photo of a group of white men gathered around a table. 

The scene features a painting of a nude woman in reference to the longstanding objectification of women's bodies.

Frank and Buckman are part of a growing movement of American women taking a stand against the new president using art. 

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