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"Dudeoir" photoshoot highlights the ridiculous way women are depicted

2nd September 2016

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You may not be aware of the “dudeoir” style of photography, but it’s definitely time that changed.

In an attempt to help break down gender stereotypes, photographers shoot men in situations that we have come to expect to feature seductive female models. You know, things like this…

And, yes, it’s simply brilliant.

This picture in particular was taken by Californian photographer Tami Bears. They show her friend, Joshua Varozza, posing on a beach while dressed up as not just a lifeguard, but a fabulous mermaid as well.

There’s loads more similar photos on Tami’s Insta and we’re kinda obsessed right now. *claps*

Tami explained to us the idea behind the shoot (don’t worry, we weren’t entirely sure what ‘Dudeoir’ meant either at first).

She says: “The word ‘Dudeoir’ is simply a funny spin off of the ever so popular classic female version called ‘Boudoir Photography’ where women have been taking sensual sexy type photos for decades.”

And it’s not the first time Josh and Tami have done this kind of photo together either.

“We shot our first dudeoir shoot together last June the day before flag day and titled it the God Bless America dudeoir collection,” says Tami.

“We wanted to make our local friends laugh because at the time the news and our social media feeds were so sad so wanted to brighten it up.

“Everyone was complaining about the elections and gun control and current sad news, it was awful just opening up our Facebook sites. So we mimicked the classic pin up poses with the flag and wanted something that would make people stop and laugh when they saw. To our surprise the shoot went totally viral!”

What’s possibly even better than any of the photos is how Joshua has responded to everyone appreciating his new-found fame, post-posing so wonderfully as a mermaid.

Joshua Varozza – Hey you, you’re not ugly. Trust me. I’m… | Facebook

And Tami says: “We are soooo happy everyone is loving (the photos) and hope we can keep everyone smiling just a little longer as have future fun shoots up our sleeves already.”

FYI, you can buy Tami’s “dudeoir” calendar starring Joshua here. Which, TBH, we know you really want to…

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