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Meet the artist who 'hears colour' and painted a canvas of Glastonbury

23rd June 2016

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An artist with synesthesia has turned the neurological condition into an amazing visual representation of Glastonbury.

When Jack Coulter hears music or sound he sees colour at the same time, and gets the urge to paint, resulting in beautiful pieces of art.

Jack told us: “When I listen to a piece of music, the bleeds of my visual auditory senses are in need of freedom, I feel the instant urge to birth a painting that represents what I am intrinsically and extrinsically experiencing.”

Digital music streaming service Deezer teamed up with the 22-year-old artist to create the painting, which Jack describes as his “canvas of Glastonbury”.

Jack Coulter's Glastonbury painting
Glastonbury (Jack Coulter)

Jack composed the artwork after listening to every artist who is playing at this year’s Glastonbury in chronological order.

He said he hopes the piece will help deaf individuals or those with impaired hearing experience the music festival.

“If my painting can induce a visual auditory experience of Glastonbury in even the slightest sense, that would be very special,” he said.

Jack Coulter's painting Dysthymia
Dysthymia (Jack Coulter)

Jack recently drew the attention of Mercury nominee SOAK, who requested to use his paintings for her album sleeve.

His latest collaboration with Deezer is being used to promote Flow, a feature of the streaming service which creates a non-stop music experience based on your what you listen to and your music library.

Jack Coulter's painting Narcotic
Narcotic (Jack Coulter)

Jack has had synesthesia since he was a child.

“I remember when I was 11 my school teacher set a homework to draw from life and all the other students arrived in with perfectly drawn bowls of fruit and family portraiture. I had literally immersed my double page in colour,” he said.

Jack Coulter's painting Iris
Iris (Jack Coulter)

Jack’s condition can be overwhelming.

“Overdosing on musical consumption is incredibly draining for me, I suffer from sensory overload. I wanted this painting to be special. Glastonbury is the largest music festival in the world and the greatest live music force in pop culture today.

“Pain is temporary, art is forever.”

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