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This Week In Theatre (06/04/15)


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Starting this week, The National Student brings you a roundup of imperative theatre openings you MUST see. From Stratford to London via the Olivier Awards, here you go... 

1) Death of a Salesman, Stratford Upon Avon

Arthur Miller's masterpiece has risen from its slumber and revived on the West Midlands stage. Gregory Doran's production of the quintessential Miller play fits perfectly with the centenary celebration of Miller's birth. Set in the RSC's home in Stratford Upon Avon, Death of a Salesman brings to life (and death) Willy Loman; worker and father in New York City. It's a Freudian fieldtrip with motifs of abandonment, betrayal and, of course, The American Dream (sorry Gatsby). The RSC are always ones to be watched, especially after bringing Arthur Miller's typewriter clicks to life.

Until 2nd May.

2) Oppenheimer, Vaudeville Theatre, London

Following the RSC trend comes Tom Morton-Smith's "Oppenheimer", transferred to London for eight weeks after a successful run in Stratford Upon Avon. The story follows the father of the Atomic bomb in the lead up to its creation. World War 2, communism on the tip of the majority's tongue, and Franco in Barcelona, Oppenheimer tells not only the tale of war, but physics, family and love. The script resembles poetry as we are shown Oppenheimer to look a hero.

Until 23rd May.

3) Shrek The Musical, UK Tour, Birmingham Hippodrome, Birmingham

The Dreamworks film lived and loved by those of all ages has taken tour of the UK after its West End presence. The infamous story sees Shrek, an ogre, team up with a talking Donkey to save Princess Fiona from a dragon-guarded tower to wed the narcissistic and vertically challenged Lord Farquaad. Chisnall (Shrek), Kargbo (Donkey) and Brookes (Fiona) live the story with the fairy tale creatures, armed with an impressive soundtrack and huour that all ages can laugh along too.

Until 26th April

4) Alice's Adventures Underground, London

Lurking in the Vaults underneath Waterloo station is the cast of Alice's Adventures Underground. With performance narrative lead by choice of the audience, of 52 people each time, no two shows are the same. It bends and reshapes the expectations of who Alice is and where Wonderland should be. Audiences are requested, by appointment of the Queen of Hearts, to dress in red or black as the story unfolds in a way never expected. It's theatre for those who are tired of washed up auditorium's and want to see a deeper, darker side to London.

Limited run from early April 

5) Sweeney Todd, London Coliseum, London

Attend the tale of Sweeney Todd, his skin is pale and his eyes are odd, he shaves the faces of gentlemen who never thereafter are heard of again. Sondheim's tale, located just underneath a pie shop, tells the story of Sweeney Todd, the demon barber of Fleet Street. The English National Opera have graced the production with their presence at the London Coliseum. If you have yet to see an opera, Sweeney Todd serves as a good start. The production follows a Sweeney Todd trend with Bill Buckhurt's version serving as competition, based in a real pie shop.

Until 12th April (16th May for Buckhurt's production)

6) Olivier Awards 2015

The 11th April sees this year's Olivier Awards take place in London. The night, for those unaware, aims to award and recognise the best theatrical productions in the UK. It's the Oscars of the UK theatre world. Kevin Spacey and Sylvie Guillem are already announced awardees of the Society of London Theatre Special Award following their devotion to theatre. For those wanting to see what's about and what's worthy of seeing, the show's highlights are to be shown on ITV. 

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