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Interview: Daisy Buchanan


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Students. We are at a time in our lives where everything is getting 'a bit much' and adults are asking us all the big questions:

"Any jobs lined up?"

"Are you moving out then?"

"When are you going to settle down with a nice banker and make lots of babies?"

No? Just me then.

Joking aside, there is almost always a time in our lives when it gets a bit scary and we need some grown up help.

That's where Daisy Buchanan comes in. 

Starting off her writing career at Bliss magazine, Daisy has worked her way up through the realms of journalism and is now a fully fledged author with a non-fiction novel (how grown up is that?!)

Her debut novel How to be a Grown up is the perfect handbook for women everywhere who need some advice sometimes - whether it's learning how to be to manage money or even learning to get dressed. 

I first met Daisy when she interviewed me about an article regarding internships and I took the oppurtunity to ask one of my favourite journalists to go for coffee. After that, the journalist in me was itching to turn the tables and interview her about her long-awaited book...

When ask what her inspiration for the book was, Daisy explains that she had been plagued by sleepless nights and 'those 3am worries about the future' - all the while wishing there was something she could read to tell her that it was all alright.

"I just wanted someone to tell me what I wanted to hear," she explains, before adding:"It's a bit weird, but now I can now almost take my own advice!" 

Daisy hopes her book can help not just millenials, but people of all generations that are going through a tough time. 

 "I want the people who read the book to know that they are wise enough and smart enough to understand they have this knowledge inside of them - but I feel we need someone sometimes to tell us it's okay to be scared." 

In regards to students, Daisy also believes this book might be just what some of us need.

"Millenials are having a tough time at the moment," she says. "We've got this intern culture, which I have mixed feelings about - I don't think its a bad thing, but people are working for free for longer and taking a while for them to get off the ground... it's like a horrible mix of the X Factor and the Apprentice...we're under so much pressure to know exactly who we are - even as graduates!" 

 Daisy then goes on to point out another reason she wrote her handbook. 

"In my 20s I was definitely in limbo for so long," she says. "I was learning and growing and also thinking 'What is going on?' - I had to realise that I was allowed to be a person in the world." 

Sadly some of Daisy's advice has arisen from life experiences that, although harrowing, have driven her forward in her success.

"I was raped by my first boyfriend and writing about that was really, really hard," she says. "I found it quite physically draining. I wanted to be able to be clear as possible and get the right balance between how it emotionally affected me then and now."

Daisy felt the inclusion of this story was a way of raising the conversation of rape within our society. 

"We talk about it in hushed tones and don't really know about much about where it comes from. 

"I thought it was important to write about an experience not just because it was mine, but I felt like it could strike a chord with other people... we need to share these stories because we need to change the way this is overlooked so often."   

Despite this there are also some hilarious chapters, including a chapter on a well-known pastime - wanking! 

"Women are always told to look sexy but feeling sexy never really comes up! I was so happy to finally write about masturbation as a political statement - although I will still have to hide this chapter from my family!" she says.

So, if you're really feeling the pressure and feel a little lost, grab a copy, and hear the wisdom of the great Daisy as she reassures you: "You're doing great and let me tell you why..." 

How to be a Grown up by Daisy Buchanan is available now.

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