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New book The Illuminati takes us a spiritual journey - from the birth of Christianity to Wikileaks


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The Illuminati, the third book written by Robert Howells, gives its readers a lot to think about concerning the evolvement of society.

Focusing on the concept of counterculture, Howells’ book guides us into the history of spirituality, from the emergence of Christianism to today’s activist groups.

Robert Howells, born in London in 1968, has spent a great part of his life studying secret societies and counterculture, as well as conspiracy theories. Having already published two books, Inside the Priory of Sion (2011) and The Last Pope (2013), his lastest one gathers all of the knowledge that he's acquired during his research and investigation.

The Illuminati is far more than an informative book about the secret society which shares the title of the book as a name. Indeed, the book is far more concerned about the ideology on which is based the society, which is ''to liberate humanity from the religious, political and economic barriers that inhibited progress'' in order for mankind to achieve ''personal illumination'' and attain their ''Higher Self by finding the limits of human potential''. Although those words might have a strong ideological connotation, as the entire written work in itself, one has to remember that those are the terms used in the 18th century, and therefore there are subject to interpretation.

Influenced by philosophers such as Rousseau and Voltaire, Adam Weishaupt created, in 1776, a secret society named The Illuminati. Weishaupt was initiated into the Rosicrucians and Freemasonry, but while the former was too preoccupied with spiritual well-being and the latter criticized for being too passive and conservative, he decided to form another spiritual gathering that would inspire real social changes in a society governed by monarchies and the oppressive Catholic Church.

The members of The Illuminati had to be liberated from ''religious indoctrination and nationalistic tendencies''. Although they succeeded in infiltrated a significant number of Freemason lodges and strategic places into several institutions, accusations were made against them almost directly after their formation. Indeed, they were accused of ''plotting to overthrow Christianity and the governments of Europe''.

However the secret group was not threatened as no one could find substantial proof of its existence. That is until 1883, when four academics confessed being part of the order, confirming its real existence. The Illuminati never truly dissembled as its ideology was inseminated into other societies that subsisted, but it is believed to only have survived secretly for 12 years.

However, this book goes back to the ancient time and the definition of secret societies as well as the crucial role they played in protecting the past knowledge that politicians and religions across the ages wanted to be forgotten. Having explained a great deal about the Rosicrucians and Freemasons, the narrative enters on the subject of the Illuminati, even going as far as to say that they triggered the French Revolution of 1789.

Then, it addresses counterculture, counter revolution, and its vital role in pushing the world towards modernism. Indeed, modernism is key to Howells as he accuses kings, priests, and now politicians and the media of holding back the evolution of our society. Also, the author writes about conspiracy theories, from UFOs in Zone 51 to the tragic events of 11th September 2001. He carefully touches on all of these theories one by one, never implying their truthfulness but nonetheless questioning the reports and media covering of the facts, sometimes even proposing another interesting theory.

The book also praises the internet age, which helps shape the ideal of the Illuminati in the modern society, as well as 'digital' secret societies, such as Anonymous and WikiLeaks, and whistleblowers for their contribution towards the 'illumination' of the world by acting against those he thinks try to overrule the masses by excess of power and wealth.

The Illuminati is an interesting book for readers with a confirmed critical judgement. It covers a lot of deep philosophical thinking and histories of our contemporary society in a concise and well-explained format. Howells found the right words to catch his readers attentiveness and lead them through all of his knowledge and observations. However, the reader should be careful as the author explicitly asks to join 'the battle' towards the "Old World Order", which he believes holds back people from illumination. Readers need strength in their personal judgment to challenge what is written and explained in the book.

The lluminati by Robert Howells was published on 18th October by Watkins Publishing and is available on Amazon.

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