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Meet the multi-hyphenate millennial helping you to find a job that works for you


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Emma Rosen is the author behind Radical Sabbatical, a book that recounts her journey of trying out 25 jobs before she turned 25.

Emma has recently got involved with Job Today, an app created to make it easy to find a job, and has been helping them to spread the message to search for a job that #WorksForMe - and that it's ok to try different things and essentially be a multi-hyphenate. 

Emma also writes a blog, which is a great place to find helpful and non-patronising information and advice if you’re a recent graduate with no idea where your life is going. One of the biggest problems for graduates looking for jobs is ‘lack of experience’, which is something that can be terribly frustrating when you’ve been studying at university for the past three years.

We chatted to Emma to find out all about the campaign, and any advice she has for students and recent grads who are trying to navigate the world of work.

Emma Rosen // Image credit: Marie Edwards, courtesy of Stellar PR

Starting out...

Emma, who lives in London, studied for BA in History and International Relations and an MA in Applied Security Strategy at Exeter University. Despite this, she didn’t really know what she wanted to do when she left uni. She says: “I never had any idea what I wanted to do as I was going through education - I studied what I was interested in and got the best grades in, and hoped that somewhere along the way I would figure it out.”

Outside pressures meant that Emma felt as though she had to find a job as soon as she finished uni, which led her to finding a  graduate scheme that on paper was perfect for her. She says: “As I got towards the end of university, I thought I had indeed solved the problem of what career to do! The Civil Service enabled me to make a positive contribution in society, which was really important to me; there was a clear path of progression, I would have job security, it would build on the skills and knowledge I’d gained at university, it was relatively well-paid for a grad scheme and my parents were proud of me. Perfect, right?”

But aged just 24, Emma left her job at the Civil Service to try her hand at 25 dream careers. 

The Radical Sabbatical...

Emma’s book, The Radical Sabbatical, was published this year. Was this something she’d always wanted to do, or did it come along quite organically?

“Like many people, I’ve always dreamed of writing a book at some point in my life - but always assumed it was a bit of a pipe dream," she says. "A few months into the project, a literary agent saw an article I wrote for The Telegraph and got in touch, asking if I’d like to turn it into a book. Of course, I jumped at the chance!”

So, what inspired Emma to want to help others - was it her own experience?

“Partly my own experiences," she says, "but also realising the scale of the problem and that no one was doing anything to really help other young people going through the same thing.

"72% of young people want to change career, leading to disengagement and poor productivity in the workplace, as well as high rates of work-related sick days from stress, all of which significantly impacts companies’ revenues. It is in everyone’s interest for employees to be happy in their jobs.

“The aim of 25before25, therefore, was to encourage young people to gain short term work shadowing in a diverse range of sectors before making major career change decisions, as well as to promote alternative ways of working.”

Does she think there’s too much pressure on young people to know what they want to do for the rest of their life before they’ve even graduated? “Absolutely," she says; "you have to start narrowing down your choices far too early in life without having the chance to explore types of careers and figure out what’s genuinely the right choice for you.”

As well as being a published author and public speaker, Emma's partnership with Job Today helps her to pass on her wisdom to the next generation.

Image courtesy of Stellar PR 

Job Today #WorksForMe

How did she get involved with the Job Today #WorksForMe campaign?

She tells us: “Job Today contacted me earlier in the year about getting involved in their #WorksForMe campaign, and I just knew it was something I wanted to be a part of. Our values and attitudes towards the world of work and careers for young people just seemed so aligned; I couldn’t wait to get involved.”

So, what exactly is the campaign about and why is it important? #WorksForMe is about exactly that – finding a career path which works for you," Emma says. "As found in research by Job Today, young people want to pursue their passions, we want flexible working, malleable roles and essentially control over our careers.

"And finally, businesses are listening. #WorksForMe is about encouraging people to smash their ‘side-hustles’ and embrace a portfolio approach towards the world of work. Young people want to explore opportunities outside the usual 9-5 office job and Job Today is helping them to do that by offering flexible work opportunities through their hiring app.

“The millennial generation is forever being told to follow their dreams, and for most of us, it can feel like an impossible feat. I have never known what I wanted to do for a living. After spending a year in a 9 to 5 office job, I resigned and took an entire year to focus on finding my ideal career - a radical sabbatical, dipping my toe in 25 jobs before I was 25 through short term work shadowing placements.

"It’s great to see initiatives such as the #WorksForMe campaign, helping young people smash their side hustles and achieve their career goals. Through Job Today and their #WorksForMe campaign, young Brits are encouraged to keep an open mind and explore the world of work on their own terms”

Final words of wisdom...

Finally, what is  Emma’s best piece of advice for those who are due to graduate this summer and don’t really have a clue what the future holds?

“My number one piece of advice for career-hungry grads would be: try everything that interests you and keep an open mind. There’s such a diverse job market out there - you can’t even begin to imagine the weird and wonderful careers available to us. Embrace the opportunities thrown your way and treat each role as an invaluable experience. If something doesn’t feel right, don’t force it. You can find the job of your dreams - something you enjoy that works for you!”

Visit to find out more. 

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