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Three things to make your weekend brighter


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As the weekend comes to a close it's understandable to feel a little down, especially if you've had a stressful day with all the family this Mothers Day. 

That's why we have come up with a little list of things sure to put a smile on even the grumpiest face. 

So sit back, relax, and embrace the happy.

1. Man hit by own car trying to flee police

A hilarious video was recently released by the Fairfax County Police Department, which showed a drunk man in the U.S desperately flee his vehicle after failing to outrun the police. However, this last attempt to get away actually only hindered his escape.

The car (unsurprisingly) kept moving forward and hit the man who decided it would be a good idea to run in front of it. The result was a quick arrest, one less dangerous driver on the roads and a fantastic video for us to enjoy.

2. Jessica Chastain took 'taking the high road' to a whole new level

Jessica Chastain showed her quality recently after she was criticized on social media. Following an Instagram post she published encouraging everyone to be a feminist, one user named Karin H. Schulz replied stating "Yes feminist that believe in God and stand up for The Unborn. I would be for that kind of feminist.”

Chastain's response? She investigated Schulz, found out about her and her partner's struggle for a child and donated to their GoFundMe campaign. In addition, she replied to Schulz's comment supporting her right to choose her kind of feminism and expressing empathy for her struggle.

Now that's what we call class!

3. Barack is coming back!

Former U.S President Barack Obama and his wife Michelle are reportedly in talks to produce content for Netflix

While initial ideas seem to focus on more serious issues such as climate change and immigration, there have also been suggestions for lighter content. Knowing the kind of shows and content the Obamas have been involved with so far, perhaps it will be a mixture?

Apparently, there has even been a suggestion to create a buddy cop show with Joe Biden. That alone sounds worth paying for a Netflix subscription!

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