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Seven ways to celebrate this Galentine's Day


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Why celebrate Valentine's Day when you can celebrate Galentine's Day? 

A much more recent holiday, Galentine's Day is chance to celebrate friendship and show your love to those who mean the most to you. Occurring on 13th February, this fictional holiday was first mentioned in Parks and Recreation, and has since become surprisingly popular.

Every shop, bar and restaurant has been pushing Valentine’s Day down our throats since before we even finished hoovering up the pine needles and tinsel from Christmas. Boxes of chocolates, pink drinks and set menus are everywhere we turn.

But ideas for how to celebrate Galentine’s Day are much thinner on the ground. Whilst you could stage a pseudo-Valentine’s Day with your friends, taking in dinner, drinks and dancing, why not do something a little different and special this February 13th? We’ve put together a list of ideas for you and your friends to celebrate your friendships and rebel against the commercialisation of V-Day.

1. Have an enormous meal of whatever you like

A dinner might be a classic Valentine’s Day activity, but it’s not the best meal you’ll ever have. Between avoiding garlic, anything that will make you bloat and spinach between your teeth, you’ll never relax. 

That’s the beauty of Galentine’s. You can eat whatever you like and as much of it as you can possibly manage. Your friends will never judge you, instead, they will probably compete with you for the title of most poppadoms eaten in five minutes. So go all out and have the meal of your life!

2. Watch films which celebrate friendship

Cast aside the schmaltzy rom-coms and have a marathon of mates-movies. Maybe you’re all big Lord of the Rings or Star Wars fans? In which case, this is the perfect opportunity to watch them all, back-to-back, director’s cuts and all. 

Maybe you always watch the same films whenever you get together because you love them and can quote every line. If you’re struggling, have a look online for recommended Galentine's Day films. There you will find something for everybody to enjoy!

3. Hold your own ‘Guess Your Galentine’s’

Why not celebrate by recreating the hilarity and fun of Secret Santa in a ‘Guess Your Galentine’s’? Though you will likely need to find a better name, as we’re more than willing to admit it currently needs some work. 

You could do this in a variety of ways. Perhaps all of your gifts have to come from a charity shop or have to begin with the same letter as the person for whom you’re buying. You could even compete to buy the tackiest, most horrific Valentine’s branded gift. However you play, it’s bound to be the cause of a lot of laughter and banter which will last for far longer than one day.

4. Get active together

February isn’t a brilliant time of year for outdoor activities, but playing sports together is a great way to celebrate friendship. There’s nothing like sledging (the verbal, rather than snowy variety) to cement your relationships.

Go for a kick-about in the park or a game of rounders if you’re lucky enough (and brave enough) to live near a beach. It’s got to be more fun than a solitary trip to the gym, after all.

5. Hit the high street for some window shopping

It might seem a bit Year Seven, but can you honestly say you didn’t love Saturday mornings mooching around town with your mates? Recreate that tween experience and have a browse of your local high street or shopping centre. 

Okay, so it might not all be Westfield or Oxford Street, but you can try on perfumes and clothes, scour the charity shops for bargains and have a fantastic and cheap day out. School days are supposed to be the best of our lives, so relive them for one day only.

6. Play some games

There are so many board and card games available now that it’s impossible not to find one which you will enjoy. Most of them only get better the greater number of players involved, so they’re perfect for a friends-night-in. 

Everybody has heard of Cards Against Humanity, so why not try something new like Pick Your Poison, the ultimate game of Would You Rather, or something classic like Trivial Pursuit or Monopoly. Warning: only try this activity if you don’t mind losing. Don’t let a game ruin your friendship!

7. Have a clothes swap

Now, if you’re close friends, you probably already have a stash of clothes you’ve borrowed over the years, so why not make it a bit more official? Bring along everything you don’t wear anymore, crack open the wine and some crisps and get yourself a brand-new wardrobe. 

You could even extend it to films and games. Without spending a penny, you’ll be going home with new stuff and the memory of a great evening with friends, which is what Galentine’s is all about.

No matter how you choose to spend Galentines Day, remember the most important part. Have fun and make some great memories with your friends.

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