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Seven bloggers to follow for a body positive 2018


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No matter the time of year, time of life or country of origin, we have all felt a little bit down in the dumps before about what how we look.

Whether it's before a Christmas do, a summer holiday or a teenage house party, it is safe to say that most people have felt a bit rubbish about themselves. Sometimes, this can even go so far as to make them considere not attending an event in fear of looking terrible next to everybody else. 

Low self-esteem and body insecurity is notoriously hard to talk about, as most of the time we don't want to hear the kind words that are thrown our way. Morever, a cry for help is often misconstrued as a demand for attention, leading to even more self esteem issues. 

But low and behold, the digital age is upon us, and amongst all of the trolls and negativity that contaminate it, under the surface, there are hidden rays of positivity. Men and women who share their struggles and encouraging you to love your thunder thighs and adore your food babies. 

Here are some of the best body positivity bloggers around to motivate you into loving yourself in 2018. 

1. Leena Norms 

Follow: justkissmyfrog on Youtube; leenanorms on Instagram; @leenanorms on Twitter

Leena is inventive when she talks about using social media to encourage positive body image, rather than being a place to avoid as it makes you feel more insecure.

She believes that it encourages people to positively compare themselves to each other, to demonstrate how every weight, shape and size can vary, and to spread positivity online.

Prepare to be engulfed in love and warmth, as she shines a light into those dark days and reminds you how beautiful you truly are.

2. Hannah Witton and Melanie Murphy

Follow: Hannah Witton on Youtube; hannahwitton on Instagram; @hannahwitton on Twitter

Follow: Melanie Murphy on Youtube; melaniiemurphy on Instagram; @melaniietweets on Twitter

Regularly speaking up on body confidence, sex education and self care, Hannah is a pocket rocket who flies the flag for petite girls with an above average bust. Now comfortable with her body, Hannah reminds us that "having a body is awesome". Additionally, she reminds us of  all of the incredible things it does to keep us alive, which makes it's superficial features fade into the distance. 

Back in May last year Hannah uploaded a video with Irish vlogger Melanie Murphy, in which they discuss low body confidence after gaining weight. In this refreshing chat, the girls confessed that they have accepted their new bodies for the way they are, and even after comparing themselves to each other, maintained that this does not affect their body image at all. 

Melanie talks about the dangers of defining yourself by clothes sizes, maintaining that the number should never be seen as a negative feature. She assures the audience that the fear of body shaming is a dangerous mentality and something that everybody goes through. She also reminds audiences that such fears are often completely unfounded. 

The two bloggers also condemn unfair expectations of yourself, as well as exploring the dangers of setting yourself weight limits that you must never exceed. Melanie ultimately confesses that she wasn't "any happier when I reached my goal weight", and mental health is just as important as physical fitness. 

3. Carrie Hope Fletcher

Follow: ItsWayPastMyBedtime on YouTube; @CarrieHFletcher on Twitter; carriehopefletcher on Instagram

The sweetheart of Youtube tells us that all that matters is that we are happy, healthy and comfortable. As she claims, "I may not be small, but I am happy, I am healthy and I am comfortable, and that is all that should matter".

In order to combat the trolls and comfort her impressionable audience, she uploaded a video a few years ago where she revealed her weight and complete body measurements, to reassure those watching that she is comfortable with who she is, and doesn't mind if the world knows as well.

Another bundle of joy and positivity, this ray of sunshine on your social media feeds is a blessing. 

4. Giovanna Fletcher 

Follow: Giovannasworld on Youtube; mrsgifletcher on Instagram; @MrsGiFletcher on Twitter

It seems that body positivity runs in the Fletcher family, with Carrie's sister-in-law Giovanna regularly speaking up against post-natal body shaming, and the wonders of the human body.

One particular post sparked a tidal wave of discussion surrounding body positivity online, as she raised the question of why we feel the need to judge each other on our looks, something she believes to be "absolutely ridiculous".

Giovanna's channel focuses on the trials and tribulations but also the joys of motherhood. She uses social media to encourage people to understand that no matter what you look like, life is a wonderful thing, which is too short to spend being ashamed. There is no time to worry about what people tell us we should be or to try and be perfect. Instead, we should accept ourselves and the life we have chosen to live. She is undoubtedly a truly inspirational mother to whom we should all look up . 

5. Georgina Horne

Follow: fullerfigurefullerbust on Instagram

The sensational, gorgeous and stunningly real George is the perfect ambassador for self confidence and body positivity. As well as an esteemed plus size model, fashion lingerie blogger and bad ass, this girl is a must-follow on instagram.

Her stories contain detailed and genuine responses to an unsettling amount of hate that she receives simply for showing the world her beautiful figure. She also uses instagram to speak honestly and openly about struggles with mental health. She preaches that no matter your size or shape, your body is a "bikini body", and you should feel free to be comfortable in your own skin and show it off.

Her posts about keeping fit through her exercise routines are the perfect #mondaymotivation, and she's got hair you'd die to have.

6. Louise Pentland 

Follow: sprinkleofglitter on Youtube; louisepentland on Instagram; @LouisePentland on Twitter

Famous for her Youtube channel Sprinkle of Glitter, you can always count on Louise to serve up a steaming plate of realness. With body positivity and self care being regular features on her channel (but in a genuine, non-pretentious way), Louise is a proud plus size, with a gorgeous figure and beautiful mentality to go along with it. 

We all feel like a measly 4/10 occasionally, but Louise has taken the big step of admitting this, and reminding us that it is okay to feel this way. She maintains that there is absolutely no reason to, but she assures her viewers that a little body insecurity every now and then makes us human.

Ultimately, the Louise we know and love always bounces back at the end of the day, and has promised herself to never apologise for what she looks like when vlogging for her channel.

You can always count on Louise to #slay the haters as well, reminding us that their opinions never matter.   

7. Grace Mandeville 

Follow: Mandeville Sisters on Youtube; gracemandeville on Instagram; @GraceMandeville on Twitter 

Despite admitting that receiving hate does hurt sometimes, Grace absolutely owns it and preaches the advantages of her disability with an admirable spirit and determination.

Born with only one hand, Grace is proud of the way she looks and maintains that "having one hand makes me, me". She always reminds us that no matter what we are given, we should take a leaf out of her book and own it. 

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