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Six treats to see you through the rest of January


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Hands up, who is really over January now? The cold, the dark, the exams, the never-ending waiting for payday. 

There’s more than one reason why we had the infamous ‘Blue Monday’ this week, the most depressing day of the year. It’s cold, wet and we’re all broke. Even the Christmas trees have given up now. 

All the more reason to offer yourself some little treats this month. True, money’s tight, you’ve just had Christmas and it seems a little indulgent to be splurging again. But self-gifting is the best kind of gifting and you deserve something to get you through.

Here are our top picks for little inexpensive treats to get you through to the end of January.

Something warm

So here’s some bad news: statistically, February is the coldest month of the year, so we’ve still got some way to go before we can break out the flip-flops and shorts. With that in mind, why not treat yourself to something warm to wear for the next few weeks? 

It might be a new pair of gloves, a hat or a jumper. It’s worth checking out the final few days of the sales for that lone item somebody might have missed. Or if you’re looking for a new hobby, a scarf is a great choice for a beginner's first project.

My newest purchase is a pair of fleece-lined tights from good old Primark. They’re cheap, practical, but ever-so luxurious on the inside. That’s a win-win-win in my book.

Something tasty

You've probably already eyed up the discounted selection boxes and tins in the supermarket, so I won't remind you of them (oh, whoops!). But seriously, January is the time to try something new and different.

Whether you're taking part in Veganuary (if so check out this article) or just trying to eat healthier, why not try a new recipe this month? Alternatively, try an old favourite recipe: soup is a great winter warmer and nothing says warm and cosy like a bowl of soup and fresh bread.

Something funny

Laughter is good for the soul and January is bad for the bank balance, so it's the perfect time to treat yourself to some Netflix and downtime. We're living in a golden age of comedy at the moment. Current popular shows include The Good Place (Netflix) and Transparent (Amazon), but for sheer comfort, the classics are the best.

Netflix recently added all ten series of Friends to their playlist, whilst you can watch Seinfeld and Parks and Recreation on Amazon. And don't overlook BBC iPlayer! BBC3 have been producing some really cutting edge comedies in the past year, whilst BBC2's Inside Number Nine offers one-off pieces in neat 30-minute episodes.

Something readable

Long dark evenings, a lack of money and a lack of inclination to leave the house are the perfect conditions to settle down with a good book. If you’re lucky, Santa will have brought you a whole pile, soon to become a health risk if you don’t deal with them. If not, charity shops are your friend, as many offer paperback books for as little as 50p each. 

Alternatively, use your university or even your public library – a report in 2016 showed that the number of adults regularly using their local library had fallen by 30% in a decade. Let’s see if we can turn that around in 2018!

Something relaxing

Get some use out of the inevitable bubble bath, wine and candles you received for Christmas, and make some time for yourself. A long warm bath will do wonders for any aches or pains you might be suffering from due to your new gym regime.

Additionally, baths have been shown to aid any sleeping problems. It would just be wise to make sure nobody else needs the bathroom before you begin!

Something weird

I’m going to leave this one largely up to you. Online shopping means that there are any number of weird and wonderful treats you could track down which will make you smile and lift your mood.

It might be socks with Kate Middleton’s face on them, a plush toy version of the E.Coli virus or a quirky mug. Whatever it is, enjoy it guilt-free and look forward to the end of January.

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