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Ten Top Tips to beat the post-Christmas blues


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The post-Christmas blues can strike us all, but here's how best to overcome it.

It’s an age-old problem- Father Christmas has been and gone, all the best films have been on, and the worst quality streets are almost gone. It’s that weird limbo week between Christmas and New Years, and you’re feeling as deflated as next door’s inflatable Santa that they’ve stopped bothering to re-inflate.

It’s completely normal to feel a bit rubbish at this time of year after the presents have been opened, we’ve spent a little too much time with the family, and the magic seems to have disappeared. So now is the perfect time to join the gym, start eating healthily and get a new haircut, right?

Of course not! Now is the time for self-indulgence, reflecting on the past year and looking after yourself. Now is the time to make realistic decisions, think about what you want and be kind to yourself, so that you can jump into the new year refreshed, not depressed.

So here are some top tips for keeping those spirits high and battling the post-Christmas blues. 

1. Stay cosy

Christmas may be over, but that doesn’t mean that you can’t still enjoy all the best bits of winter! Why not kick back in those new cosy pyjamas that your Nan got you, finish the leftover chocolates that no one else wants and throw on one of those films you’ve had recorded since the 23rd but haven’t had a chance to watch yet. It’s still cold outside and the Christmas lights are still on, so relax and enjoy the cosiest season while you still can.

2. Find your motivation

Now is the time that you’ll need a little kick up the bum to be the best person you can be. Have a think- what is it that motivates you? It could be a particular playlist, a soppy quote, or speaking to a particular person who inspires you- whatever it is- indulge in it. Watch that inspirational TED talk a few times a week, play Beyonce more or write those song lyrics that make you feel good up on a post-it note and stick it on the bathroom mirror. If your heart’s in it, it will make the jump into 2018 much easier. 

3. Reflect and plan, plan, plan

Whether you’ve had the best or the worst year of your life, reflect on your best and worst bits while you have some time and headspace to think. Think about what you did or didn’t do, what you wish you had done or what you still want to do, and what you want to do more/less of in the future.

Set some *realistic* New Year's resolutions, choose some goals and plan some things to which you can look forward. Now is the time to get organised and plan, plan, plan. Whether you buy a snazzy new diary which makes you want to make plans just so you can display them proudly on its pages, or take up something creative and completely original like bullet journaling- if you make it yours then you can achieve anything!

4. Think about what you want and go get it

Once you’ve got that Pinterest-tastic diary sorted and 365 spaces to fill- fill it with adventures. Want to find love? Download some dating apps or plan some outings in social spaces where you’re likely to find like-minded people. Want to take up a new hobby? Book a Zumba class or some piano lessons. Want to tick a distant corner of the world off your travel bucket list in 2018? Book some cheap flights in the New Year sales.

The view of 2018 in the distance is a lot brighter when you realise that the world is at your feet. Then you just have to decide what little pieces of it you want to conquer.

5. Have a clear-out

If you feel like the past year is dragging you down and there are things that you’d rather leave behind, then have a clear-out and cleanse yourself of the #badvibes. Throw away the photos of your ex, the name badge from that job you hate or the unflattering clothes that you couldn’t be bothered to replace. You have loads of exciting new Christmas presents to enjoy, so declutter and make room for the new.  

6. Improve your mood with a shop

Even if you don’t feel like venturing out to the terrifying ordeal that is Oxford Street during the January sales, have a peruse online and treat yourself with those vouchers or the money you got for Christmas. Whether it’s a new self-help book, some snazzy new office stationery or a dress that you’ve had your eye on that you couldn’t afford- now is the time to practice some self-care and make yourself feel good.

You know you’ll feel so much better walking into the office if you feel good inside, and those fuzzy feels will radiate out and make your workmates happy. So really, you’re shopping for the greater good.

7. Print your happy memories

If you’re missing the joy and magic of Christmas, then who says that you have to leave those memories behind? Have a look through all of the happy moments that you captured on camera and print them off. You could go all #insta and string them on a set of fairy lights, blue tac them to your computer at work or display them in some sparkly frames and brighten up the house. Don’t be sad because it’s over, smile because it happened!

8. Eat ALL the food

There is SO much pressure around this time of year to eat right, join the world’s most intimidating gym and get the perfect body for the new year. Well, contrary to popular belief, we think that that can wait just a little bit longer. You know that there is SO much food still calling to you from the fridge, and if it’s all you can think about- then eat my friend, EAT.

You do not have to feel guilty for eating just a little bit more than you perhaps should- leave the carrot sticks and smoothies to the new year, and give the heart what it wants for a little while longer.

9. Silence is NOT golden

It might feel like you NEED some time alone after the social overload that is Christmas, and it is completely okay to hide away for some seriously needed me-time. However, if you know that you can feel a bit rubbish at this time of year the best thing to do is to surround yourself with positive, inspirational people. There is no point trying to beat the post-Christmas blues on your own- you might as well do it with a smiley friend, and lighten the burden a little.

10. Happy media only

Watching sad films or following the embodiment of unattainable goals on Instagram are not going to get you anywhere. Make a pact with yourself to only watch comedies, follow positive social media accounts or even give yourself a smartphone and social media detox if you’re feeling low in the post-Christmas limbo. Surrounding yourself with positivity will do wonders for your state of mind, and give you some much-needed peace after the chaos of Christmas.

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