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What to expect in your second year at university


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Ah, second year. Caught between the new world of university and third year, which seems scary considering it seems like just yesterday was freshers’ week, it is not too surprising that many students say that they have experienced a case of the ‘second year blues’. Here’s what to expect from your second year of university…

Second year blues

Remember the days when work was getting in the way of your university experience? And your only worry was how to fund the vodka at your local corner shop and wondering if that cute boy in the block opposite was coming out tonight? As you see first years having a whale of a time, you can’t help but be resentful and let’s face it a bit jealous that you are no longer living the carefree ‘fresher’ experience. Don’t be too surprised if you catch yourself imparting pearls of wisdom to impressionable freshers or muttering far too often ‘when I was a fresher…’

Partying no longer becomes a priority

Whether it’s because second year actually counts towards your degree or everyone’s become a little bored of the repetitive scene, going out five days a week no longer seems to appeal to many second-years. Even your party-mad best friend who spent every weekend on the lash has swapped the dancing shoes for cosy slippers and Take Me Out. And if you ever do find yourself back in the nightlife, over-excited freshers seem to dominate everywhere.  

The library

The library you hear? Wait, that mythical place in a far-away land on campus that actually stocks books to help towards your degree? You may not have spent a lot of time in your first year there (for some, not at all) but come second year, handing in a mediocre essay no longer cuts it. Be warned, as you find yourself a little bit too often in the library, you will find yourself hiding from that boy you had a cheeky snog at the uni nightclub that you hoped you’d never see again.

Seminars / lectures

Yes you do have to come to them now. Instead of closing the alarm, catching extra sleep without a worry about a missed lecture, they are all vital in helping with your degree come second year. Seminars are just as compulsory, with many professors expecting a heated debate between students so instead of having shots at the bar, perhaps its best to actually do the reading for the week. And reading week? Instead of it being hungover most days, you will most likely find yourself in the library, you know, reading.

Being an adult

For many, the scary part of second year is officially accepting impending adulthood as you send off money for bills and rent and budgeting how much you have left for the semester. The best pro of this is that you are no longer living in prison-like accomodation but in a lovely house with (hopefully!) great flatmates!

Everybody is suddenly coupled up

Whether it’s a case of worrying about the future or people wanting to get into serious relationships, suddenly in second year everyone appears to have got into a relationship.

Discussions about 'the future'

With third year around the corner, talks of post-grad study, work experience, internships and summer vacation placements seem to dominate second years' conversations in place of the latest club opening or new holiday resort offer.

But fear not! Second year doesn’t have to be too serious, you can still join lots of extra curcciular clubs and activities. The lacrosse club you never got round to joining? Now’s the time! And remember, if you still want to pretend you’re a fresher and party as hard as you did in your first year, second year only counts towards 40% of your degree…

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