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10 things to do in your last term of first year


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It's almost Easter, which means that, after a couple of weeks of vegging in front of the TV, the final term of the year will suddenly be upon you. But never fear - it's first year, right? So push all thoughts of impending exams from your mind, revel in the fact that summer is within spitting distance, and go mattress surfing. 

1. Go sit in a field. It doesn’t matter which field. Fields are fields. Remember that for when you’re older. Anything can happen on a field. You won’t be able to just go and sit on fields willy-nilly when you’re back home.A friendly passer by might even do your back.

2. Buy a dinghy. You know you’ve always wanted to, why not now? The last term has just started, that means your last loan of the year has just come in. Well, why not invest in a dinghy? It’ll always be worth a lot of money and we all know how much they attract the opposite sex. (Although dinghy parking can be a BLOODY nightmare so be prepared.)

3. Turn up to an unfamiliar exam. Sit down and piss about for a bit then get a Chinese delivered to the exam hall.

4. Go to a fancy hat shop. Fancy shops aren’t open all year round so get your fill while they’re about. You won’t regret it. You won’t regret it one bit. (See - it's BEANIE long time since you've been this happy. Eh? Am I right?)

5. Start your own religion. You know you’ve been thinking about it. Well, now lectures and all that have died down you can finally give it a good go.

6. Go back to the field. Even on your own, field-ing is an experience you can't afford to miss.

7. Go to The Making of Harry Potter Tour, have a good laugh about how small Daniel Radcliffe's hands are. He'll make your hands look like man hands.

8. Spend the remainder of your loan on a Dean Gaffney clock - for the low, low price of nine pounds British sterling!

9. Go Mattress Riding. This is what friendship looks like.

10. Acquire a Boris Bike. Worry about the consequences tomorrow. Pass out on said Boris bike. That'll show you, Tories!

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