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7 types of people you should avoid living with at university


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We’re not saying there aren’t a lot of cool people at uni. We’re just saying some of those cool people seem a little bit less cool when you’re spending 24/7 with them in small student digs. You ideally want to find a bunch of thoughtful, laid back, hilarious cooks with DJ skills for house companions. Like those robot synths from Humans, but with a better sense of humour.

If these people haven't materialised in your current group of mates, then follow our handy guide to the people you definitely don’t want to live with in a shared house.

The Party Animal

Yes, we know, they’re fun, there’s always an impromptu Sunday night house party happening, but for all Mr or Miss Hilarity’s many good points, they’re also hugely likely to leave the bath running and cause the contents of your ceiling to fall into your sink (we know this from painful experience. Three times!). Or invite some local undesirables round for Snakebites on a Tuesday, which happens to be the night you decided to tackle your dissertation. Live with the Party Animal and your dissertation is not ever getting handed in. We warned you.

The Swot

Yes, sweet little Hermione Graingers do tend to be tidy and responsible housemates, but they have one fatal flaw – their very presence induces guilt in the rest of us. Their essay-writing talents are sadly not left behind in the library either. Swots delights in leaving passive aggressive ‘Please refrain from’ post-it notes stuck to the bathroom door/ kettle/ mop, without ever broaching their grievance in real life.  Shy but sly, we say. The Swot is also much more likely to enjoy library time than any quality house relaxation time. And when they return from their hard day of 12-hour studying, they only have to step through the door and you suddenly feel ashamed about the fact that it’s the final semester and you still haven’t figured out where the library actually is.

The Pot Noodle Fanatic

Now there’s nothing wrong with the occasional powdered chemical and noodle-based snack at 4am, but the sort of person who subsists on this type of convenience food is not going to be someone who makes a mean Sunday roast. And every household needs someone who can at least cook once in a while. To be frank, you’re all likely to have a hangover at some point, and each one of you is going to have to step up to the grilled cheese sandwich, or chicken-pie-and-mashed-potato plate.

The Musician

It should be pointed out that there’s a subtle difference between a musician and a DJ. DJs are actually good to have around the home. They have decks (house party, check), a lot of good playlists, probably access to some good club nights, and tend to have a lot of fun mates. What you don’t want however is an Andy from Made in Chelsea guitar-playing wannabe who lures the ladies back with his never-ending Wonderwall renditions. Or who brings round a load of his band-mates for a quick jam in the living room.  Not to mention the musician's nocturnal habits and overly sensitive ways.

The Miser

Money matters tend to rear their ugly heads a fair amount when you’re a student. Or at least a heck of a lot more than when ma and pa were sorting out the bills. There’s usually one Alpha student (usually a Practical Joe studying Economics or Geography) who’s pretty good at sorting out itemized bills, or who owes what from Friday’s takeaway. There’s also usually one person in every group of friends who’s mysteriously shy when the bill comes, or who’s sloped off to the loo when it’s his round at the bar. This is where a money-management app like Splittable comes in handy. Spot them early on. If you live with this person, you can be guaranteed they’ll still owe you their portion of the BT bill in 2040.

The Cling-on

You need your space.  But the Cling-on didn’t get stuck into the freshers’ week fun times and hasn’t made many friends, so they sidle up to you a lot and initiate a lot of not so subtle conversations about future living arrangements. Just tell them you’re thinking of lodging with an old lady on the outskirts of town. Where the bad gangs hang out. Otherwise it’s all going to get a bit Single White Female.

The ‘Me, Me, Me’

This person washes up only their own dishes. They pay no heed to the rota and literally only wash up their own tiny cereal bowl. They never clean (ditto to the rota), claiming they ‘never make a mess’. Even though they like to strew clothes, shoes, even boyfriends, in their wake. They are wonderfully oblivious to all of their shortcomings and therefore the worst possible housemate because they are Always In The Right. Even though they are actually always wrong. This person may make you more cross than anyone else ever at uni and must be avoided at all costs.

Provided by Nick Katz, Chief Housemate at app Splittable, which takes the money-headaches out of house-sharing. Download to painlessly manage money matters and avoid house-sharing fall-outs.


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