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8 people that got Pancake Day so, so wrong


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Sure, Pancake Day is a glorious day full of everyone’s favourite treat, but it’s also a day riddled with dangers.

We are of course talking about the dreaded pancake toss. You’re filled with a euphoric high when you nail it, but more often than not it ends in failure. If you don’t nail the toss, your beloved pancake is crushed and on the floor – just like your hopes and dreams.

To honour the fallen soldiers of Pancake Day, here are those brave souls who really didn’t nail their toss. Better luck next year, folks.

1. This pancake is unfortunately lost forever.

2. This was a valiant effort from one unlucky castmember of Hollyoaks, which the show posted on its Instagram story much to our delight.

3. This tosser was doing so well until she landed it slap bang in her face.

4. You’ve got to commend this mum’s effort.

5. We’re just not sure what happened at the end of this one, things were going so well.

6. This goat really didn’t nail the technique.

7. This cook blamed his equipment for his tossing fail (and probably fair enough).

8. These unfortunate souls didn’t even make it to the toss as they somehow managed to set the fire alarm off.

It’s not all bad: even if your pancakes end up on the floor, we heartily believe in the three second rule, and at least they’ll still taste if not look delicious.

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