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Balmforth and Co. Yorkshire- a honest review for coffee enthusiasts


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It is no secret that coffee is one of the supporting pillars of student existence. And while for always-late students, hot beverages from coffee chains are the regular drink of choice, the situation changes over the weekend.

Don’t get us wrong- we still drink coffee on Saturday and Sunday mornings, but your regular Millennial coffee-lover is actually quite likely to be exploring brands and looking for sustainable choices in their free time.

Sustainability, ethics, supporters of fair trade and of course, a variety of taste options- those are the words young people want to associate with their coffee of choice.

Over the past week, we had the chance of tasting two blends from a brand that hits all those marks, and we are ready to share our impressions about Balmforth & Co. Yorkshire.

Image Source: Polly Vodenicharova

Blend No:2

This Fairtrade Certified blend is 80% Arabica/20% Robusta. The medium roast beans are coming all the way from Brazil and Vietnam. When you open the package and inhale, the sweet caramel notes are immediately noticeable. Embrace the aroma and it will come off woody, almost oaky. In a cappuccino, the layers of foam embrace the sweetness and slowly reveal it with every taste.

Image Source: Polly Vodenicharova

Blend No:6

For the lovers of strong, bold coffee, this is a blend that will give you a kick. . 60% Arabica/40% Robusta. Sustainably sourced from Brazil and Vietnam.   A distinguishable and strong liquorice taste, with sweeter notes at first, but after a long sip, it leaves a slight acidic aftertaste. Perfect for those morning when you want the coffee to be a memorable experience. If you’re not a fan of distinctive taste, but want the effects, this blend will go amazingly well in a latte- the milk helping to release the toffee flavours.

Image Source: Polly Vodenicharova

Both blends have rich and well-layered aromas, which are ideal for a short espresso on the go. Because, let’s admit it- only really good coffee, makes a drinkable espresso.

If you’d like to experiment this weekend and find the perfect blend for you, click here.

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