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Here's what students think of 'On The Ball's' new football sanitary product scheme


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Three young Celtic supporters, including a Politics student, has set up a new scheme that provides free sanitary products at football matches. 

"On The Ball" claims to have 11 clubs signed up to the scheme which places free sanitation items at football grounds completely free of charge. 

A 2017 survey from Plan International found that 10% of girls aged between 14 and 21 have been unable to afford sanitary items, with 14% having asked a friend to borrow such products. 

We gathered the opinions of students across the country to see what they had to say about the latest scheme to hit England's stadiums. 

Laura Brown – London School of Journalism

In the ‘On The Ball’ campaign, Orlaith Duffy, Erin Slaven and Mikaela McKinley rightly compare the necessity of period products to that of toilet roll or soap which is freely available in stadium toilets.

As the campaign highlights, period poverty is a significant issue that urgently needs addressing. It should never be considered a luxury to be able to avoid the embarrassment and discomfort that a lack of period products can cause – it’s a human right.

The campaign has huge potential to help tackle the widespread issue within the focused context of sports events.

Amy Flowers – Nottingham Trent University

Why just at a Football game? Why not make this everywhere else as well? The scheme could be even more successful if these products are also placed in other public areas where women are in need.

Chloe Abraham – University of Lincoln

Well, I’m always for free sanitary products but it’s a bit weird having it at a football ground. Even if they don’t like football they’ll have to pay to get in.

It’s not a bad idea but I personally don’t think that by offering free sanitary products would make more women go to see football matches though.

It would definitely work somewhere else. Preferably somewhere where you don’t have to pay to go.

Ellie Perry - City, University of London 

Yeah, I think it's a good idea! 

Sometimes women need them in emergencies and it's great to have that option available. 

I do believe that sanitary products should be free because we don't control this, it's just something that happens. Or if not free, then reduced because sometimes it's super expensive to just look after yourself. 

Nathan Best - UCFB

It could be seen as beneficial but you also have to be wary of men who may make sexist and misogynistic comments. 

But no I think it would be great if the scheme took place. The point about females could find it embarrassing to ask their parents to use the machines, especially at the teenage stage of a female's life, it is a very important time. 

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