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This Beverly Hills restaurant has its entire menu dedicated to garlic


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The world has many wonders to offer. But one of them, undoubtedly, is hidden around the busy streets of LA and San Francisco. Go alone or go with good friends, but make sure you know each other well, as this place is not for the light-hearted.

The Stinking Rose is a restaurant dedicated solely to garlic. They season their garlic with food is not exaggeration- the place goes through three tonnes of garlic every month between its two branches in LA and San Francisco.

The Stinking Rose was founded by two Italian-Americans in San Francisco 20 years ago, when the first branch opened in Beverly Hills in 1995.

Massimo Marmelino, manager of The Stinking Rose says: ““Garlic is one thing that is embraced by a lot ot of cultures. Everybody loves garlic, people from all kind of walks and all kinds of races love garlic.”

The interior is garlic-based as well, with paintings on the walls dedicated to the stinking rose.

According to their website: “ Whether it's an intimate dinner or casting call, you can enjoy treat-after-garlicky-treat in Dracula's Grotto - a medieval hideaway (that won't fend off the garlic!); the Michelangelo Room - which features our own stinking version of the artist's venerable Creation: only this time, God hands Adam a garlic bulb! There's also The Piazza & Cafes - the heart of The Stinking Rose that puts you in old Italy, great for "people - watching" or private dining and conversation. Our Chianti Room glows with relaxing candlelight and Tuscan tradition - perfect for uncorking a great evening! And it wouldn't be Tinseltown without a tribute to Garlywood - see your favorite Hollywood icon honored on our colorful garlic - inspired murals.”

The menu features garlic delights such as Garlic Spinach Fontina Fondue, Roasted Garlic Bulb side, Count Vladimir’s Garlic Steaks and Dracula’s Martinis (blessedly saved from garlic).

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