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British women will experience 46,000 pangs of "calorie guilt" in their lifetime


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Putting on your sparkly heels, going out on a Friday night, having a little too many drinks, maybe some shots. Then an unmissable stop- the local chippy or pizza takeaway. Or why not both! Fast forward to waking up the next morning and looking at your booze-and-takeaway baby belly, embraced in remorse and promising yourself, this time you’re DEFINITELY hitting the gym on Monday.

We’ve all been there. That’s what everyone says, and according to a recent research- we might even be overdoing the guilt-trip part. The facts have spoken- British women will experience a staggering 45,990 pangs of calorie related guilt in their lifetime.

The new study has revealed a remarkable 87 percent of British women are consumed with guilt on a daily basis - about things they have eaten or drunk. To put this in perspective, over an adult lifetime, that’s 45,990 waves of calorie related guilt, with as many as a quarter (25 percent) experiencing feelings of self-loathing EVERY time they eat something.

Furthermore, feelings of guilt last up to THREE hours following a take-away or fast food, two hours for raiding the kid’s sweetie tin and up to one hour for finishing the kid’s meals.

Nearly one in twenty said an extra glass of wine on a Friday night left them wracked with guilt, while a quarter (26 percent) routinely regretted ordering a pudding in a restaurant. The saddest part is 29 percent feel bad for having a biscuit to accompany a cup of tea - and one in twenty even feel guilty about putting dressing on their salad.

After office hours drinks are a further source of remorse, with 22 percent wishing they didn’t long for wine after a hard day and eleven percent said they shouldn’t prioritise work drinks as much.

Contradictory to everything said so far, eight in ten of the ladies who took part in the study said they wished they could stop punishing themselves and start enjoying life.

The poll, which consisted of 2,000 women and was conducted by Slim Wine found females harbour the most guilt when they have consumed fast-food (47 percent), however an extra glass of wine (18 percent) and finishing the kids’ leftovers (11 percent) also left women feeling bad about themselves.

Olivia Buckland who was involved in the campaign by Slim Wine says:  “I think the most important message behind this campaign is that you really don’t need to sweat the small stuff. Whether it’s drinking a glass of wine or eating a slice of pizza, it’s about enjoying the good things in life, in moderation of course, and not feeling guilty about it.”

According to the study, 73 percent said they feel food and drink is a blessing and a curse in equal measure, while a quarter of women feel more guilt about eating and drinking than they do about letting their house get messy, 15 percent feel more guilt about food than snapping at their other half – and a further 14 percent said food makes them feel worse than telling a lie.        

Slim Wine Founder, Paul Gidley, says: “The results of this research really highlight how much of a hard-time women give themselves, often over the smallest thing like a slice of cake, or a second glass of wine.“

The ugly truth behind the feeling of guilt: six in ten women said the reason they feel guilty is because they should be trying to lose weight and 17 percent said air brushed pictures of celebrities left them feeling bad about the food they eat.

43 percent often feel remorseful after eating because they feel like they have no will power, while 13 percent feel bad about themselves because everyone on social media seems to lead such a clean lifestyle.

Sadly,  32 percent feel as though calorie guilt is so ingrained in our society we are bound to feel bad about ourselves.

Of those polled, 73 percent said they wished they cared less about what drinks and snacks they ate, and 55 percent longed not to have such a love affair with chocolate.

A third said they know they will feel bad before they eat or drink a calorie laden treat - but give in to their cravings and consume it anyway.

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