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Golden Turmeric Latte- the drink everyone is going crazy about


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The turmeric latte has been taking the world, and more specifically- Instagram, by a storm in the recent months.

The superfood latte has been a favourite around world coffee festivals, such as Glasgow Coffee Festival, Birmingham Coffee Festival and across the ocean at New York Coffee expos.

And while turmeric powder was the initial ingredient used to make the Golden Mix (as turmeric latte is also known), its popularity had a major boost thanks to the Australian Alchemy Cordial Company, which, as their name hints, created a liquid turmeric cordial with a long shelf life.

It all started when Michael Bishop, the creator of Alchemy Cordial Company discovered the magic of turmeric when he purchased a permaculture garden in the hinterlands of Byron Bay. The lands had a history of growing turmeric, and this inspired Michael to dig out the recipe of Anti Flam and look for ways to extend its shelf life, turning it into a ready mix, ideal for everyday use.

The Golden Turmeric Elixir was an instant success all over Australia, so it was only natural for Michael Bishop to extend his business to the USA and Europe. The stand at the Birmingham Coffee festival was easily one of the most popular at the event.

And the best news- The Golden Turmeric Elixir is perfect for shaking with cold milk or steaming for warming winter cuppa.

Here are two recipes which will inspire you to try the newest Instagram health craze. Trust us, once you’re converted there is no going back!

Hot Turmeric Latte

15ml Golden Turmeric Elixir
220ml milk/ non-dairy substitute
Add into a jug and steam together

Iced Turmeric Latte

15ml og Golden Turmeric Elixir
Pour over a glass, filled with ice
Add cold milk or non-dairy substitute
Mix and enjoy!

And just in case you want to make your Turmeric Latte extra special- don’t forget to sprinkle a little cinnamon on top.

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