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Review: Birmingham Coffee Festival


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This past weekend, Birmingham Coffee Festival brought together independent owners, producers and most importantly- dedicated coffee lovers.

The Coffee festival was complimented by clear sky and sunny weather and the Custard factory crowd was colourful, fresh and diverse. With so many people in one enclosed space, we must note that we kind of felt like coffee beans growing in the Tropics, but hey, that just adds to the authentic experience.

The event was ticketed- £6 for early birds and £8 on the door. And the price was absolutely worth it, as there were over 15 stands, each offering their unique take on coffee, be it incorporated in lattes, chocolate, or alcohol. Each stand was also offering free samples and we can guarantee you that after trying at least ten different coffee blends we had no problem with staying up till very, very late.

Below are the little bits and cups that impressed us the most:

Alpro’s Golden Soya Latte

It is a mystery what were the exact ingredients, although we are guessing there must have been a hint of turmeric. The latte itself was sweet, silky smooth and easy do drink, almost reminiscing hot milk. We are not sure if it would wake you up but it will definitely make your day better.

Carrara Collection’s Dimora

The artisan coffee brand had a simple but sleek stand, offering two blends of coffee to sample. We took the advise of the extremely friendly barista and went for their “house” blend, Dimora, which was meant to have rich chocolate and honey notes. Strong, aromatic and sweet, this espresso gave me a rush.

Origin Coffee Roasters’ La Huella

A distinctively fruity and sweet blend with notes of pineapple, rooibos and passionfruit. This cup will push your boundaries and open your senses for the unexpectable. It won second place at the UK Barista Championship 2017 and first place in my heart.

Oatly Barista

This oat drink is 100% vegan and a 100% better than milk. It's based on liquid oats which means it isn't overly sweet or excessively heavy. The latte I had with it was heavenly foamy, smooth and soft as a cloud. And with slognans like “Wow No Cow!” and “Post Milk Generation” we are sure Oatly has taken the right path.

Cotswolds Distillery Espresso Martini

Well, Espresso Martini is the working woman’s drink they say. And Cotswolds have made it even easier to have one when in a hurry. A whole pre-mixed bottle, just be careful not to drink it all at once as it the combination of dark chocolate and fresh orange with notes of freshly roasted coffee, caramel and spice biscuit is simply addictive.

Java Lounge Coffe House’s Workshop

Rainbow latte has been all the rage on Instagram lately and Java Lounge’s baristas, who specialise in latte art were making sure everyone who stops at their stand could learn how to make one. As you can see above, I could have done better, but hey, it’s first attempt. And just so you are not disappointed they were offering a free drink of your choice as well. My Sunday afternoon coffee extravaganza ended up with this beautiful swan flat white.

Keep It Raw- Chocolate you can feel good about.

Now this is not a coffee drink, but who doesn’t love a little bit of sweetness with their coffee. And with Keep It Raw chocolate bars there are no regrets as it’s made raw cacao, unrefined sugar and all natural ingredients. And with flavours like coconut, mandarin, lemon and green tea, how could one stay away? We definitely couldn’t.

A fantastic, sunny afternoon, full of friendly faces and gathering together coffee masters from across Birmingham- this Coffee Festival was an experience we definitely wish we could have again and again.

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