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The 12 countries which love ice cream the most have been revealed. See who made the list!


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The summer is almost here and we're sure you've already treated yourself to your favourite ice cream at least a few times. And although you know the nutritional value of a tub of ice cream can hardly substitute for lunch and dinner, you just can't help but keep buying it. 

It turns out you might not be the only one! The popular hot weather relief has proven to be on of the world's favourite snacks with imports of ice cream reaching approximately 1.2 million tonnes. 

Well, with this number in front we couldn't help but wonder- who ate all that ice cream? Luckily, we might just have all the answers you need. 

The imports of the twelve major EU countries- UK, Germany, the Netherlands, France, Spain, Italy, Belgium, Portugal, Denmark, Austria, Sweden, and Czech Republic- represented more than half of total import in the world. 

In value terms, Germany (£243M), the UK (£237M) and France (£172M) constituted the countries with the highest levels of imports in 2016, together comprising 26% of global imports. These countries were followed by the Netherlands, Spain, Belgium, Italy, Portugal, Austria, Denmark, Sweden and Czech Republic, which together accounted for a further 31%.

Below you can see how much each of the top import countries spent on ice cream.

 1. Germany (243.2 million GBP)

2. United Kingdom (237.4 million GBP)

3. France (171.8 million GBP)

4. Netherlands (147.1million GBP)

5. Spain (127.5 million GBP)

6. Belgium (127.1 million GBP)

7. Italy (103 million GBP)

8. Portugal (59.2million GBP)

9. Austria (58.5 million GBP)

10. Denmark (50.7 million GBP)

11. Sweden (49.9 million GBP)

12. Czech Republic (37.8 million GBP)

Do you think that's enough money spent on ice cream or we need to do better? Tell us in the comments!

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